doubleTwist Player Update Brings AirPlay and DLNA Media Streaming Support

Living in an iTunes world, but for some reason own an Android smartphone? Well, doubleTwist has just made their doubleTwist Player AirPlay and DLNA compatible. According to the app's Android Market page, users can stream music, videos, and photos to an Apple TV or music and videos to a DLNA receiver device like your Smart [...]

doubleTwist Adds AirTwist DLNA Handset Server Media Streaming to Its Android AirSync App

Own an Android device and still living in an iTunes world? Well then... your favorite Android app, doubleTwist AirSync ($4.99), has just added a new feature that will allow you to stream your handset's synced iTunes media content to an Xbox 360 or PS3. The new feature comes at no charge, if you already have [...]

Amazon MP3 Store Gets Integrated into doubleTwist

[youtube=] I don't know about you, but I was expecting something more from doubleTwist than just the integration of the Amazon MP3 Store after watching the rather cool "Tyranny of Choice" video that mocks Apple's 1984 parody commercial. In any case, on Oct. 13th doubleTwist users will be able to buy DRM-free music direct from via [...]

DVD Jon’s doubleTwist Evolves into a Media Management and Sharing App

[youtube=] What was once used to un-DRM songs purchased through iTunes, doubleTwist has now evolved into something a little more interesting and useful. The latest iteration (as you can see demo'd in the video above) is capable of identifying attached portable devices, detecting stored media, transferring PC audio / video / photos to one's device [...]