byd:sign Introduces First DivX Certified HDTV to Hit Japan

DivX, Inc., a digital media company, today announced the DivX Certification™ of byd:sign Corporation's new LCD HDTV (model: DC-1902DWB [black], DC-1902DWW [white]). To be released this month, byd:sign's LCD HDTV (liquid crystal display high-definition television) is the first LCD HDTV with DivX Certification for the Japan market. With guaranteed DivX video playback, users will enjoy a [...]

Sony Really Hearts DivX

It was just a few months back that Sony certified their PlayStation 3 console to support DivX video playback. And in January Sony gave approval to port their entire Sony Pictures Television catalog to the DivX DRM-protected format for distribution to consumers. Now, the company is announcing they will begin porting its Sony Pictures Television [...]