Netflix Wants to Be Your Hulu

Last month Netflix raised prices on its subscriptions plans, citing that it will be using the money to expand its content offering. Well, it turns out that's exactly what they are doing. Netflix today is announcing a new deal with ABC/Disney, on the heals of an earlier report that Netflix was offering $70,000 - $100,000 [...]

Smart Mirror and Kitchen Demo at Disney Innoventions Dream Home

[ ?posts_id=1011410&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, or Download] Above is probably the funniest demonstration I've ever seen. It showcases a new technology that converts a large vanity mirror (aka "Magic Mirror") into a virtual wardrobe changer. The technology, from what I can tell, uses a hidden camera and a rear projector to display various information widgets (i.e. [...]

Life|ware at Disney Innoventions Dream Home

[ ?posts_id=1011295&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, or Download] Above is an interview with a rep from Exceptional Innovations demo'ing Life|ware home automation tech on display in the Disney Dream Home. And below is an interview with Life|ware's Marketing Coordinator, Andrea Ison, who chats with us about the company's current/future direction and product strategy. [ ?posts_id=1011310&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, [...]

Microsoft Surface Concept Dining Table at Disney Innoventions Dream Home

[ ?posts_id=1011195&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, or Download] If you love Microsoft's Surface platform, you're gonna love the company's concept dining table that syncs four touch panels into one kick-ass multimedia station. Is it practical? Probably not. However, it's just plain cool tech. And I like the use of RFIDs embedded into symbolic objects that hint at [...]

HP TouchSmart PC Demo at Disney Innoventions Dream Home

[ ?posts_id=1011179&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, or Download] Here's a quick video demo of HP's new, second generation TouchSmart PC. Brian Burch, director of marketing for HP's connected entertainment division, explains how the new touch interface works and the thinking that went into creating the in-house developed application. Quick impression: The interface is fluid and fairly intuitive. Kudos [...]

Disney Innoventions Dream Home Photo Gallery – Opening Day

Whew! What a day. Lots of interesting new tech on display. More details, via video interviews, to come. In the meantime, checkout our gallery of opening day pics. Media event page for Disney Innoventions Dream Home: [gallery]

Disney’s Tomorrowland Gets an Upgrade with Innoventions Dream Home Grand Opening

I'm in Anaheim, California getting ready to attend Disney's grand openning of a new attraction called the "Innoventions Dream Home" as a guest of HP and Disney. The new Tomorrowland exhibit, created in partnership with HP, Microsoft, Exceptional Innovations (Life|ware), and homebuilder Taylor Morrison, will showcase cutting-edge digital home technologies available now and some that [...]