Disney Innoventions Dream Home Photo Gallery – Opening Day

Whew! What a day. Lots of interesting new tech on display. More details, via video interviews, to come. In the meantime, checkout our gallery of opening day pics. Media event page for Disney Innoventions Dream Home: http://www.disneylandevent.com/tsm/dreamhome.html [gallery]

Disney’s Tomorrowland Gets an Upgrade with Innoventions Dream Home Grand Opening

I'm in Anaheim, California getting ready to attend Disney's grand openning of a new attraction called the "Innoventions Dream Home" as a guest of HP and Disney. The new Tomorrowland exhibit, created in partnership with HP, Microsoft, Exceptional Innovations (Life|ware), and homebuilder Taylor Morrison, will showcase cutting-edge digital home technologies available now and some that [...]

Many Solutions Competing for Role as Living Room Media Hub

Consumers are moving beyond basic PC-to-PC networks as they look to connect devices to the home network to access and share the growing array of digital content from the Internet, as well as from their own capture devices. While just a few years ago most consumers’ networks had only PCs on them, the growth in [...]