App Discovery Not a High Priority for Connected TV Owners

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, is out with a new Digital Home Observatory report which finds that Connected TV and Smart TV owners rarely seek out new apps to use other than the ones they are already familiar with on their PC, tablet, games console or smartphone devices. If they do venture out, however, they're usually [...]

Join the eHomeUpgrade Blogging Team

eHomeUpgrade is currently seeking talented, US-based writers to join our Digital Home blogging team. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can submit two to five 120+ word posts in the first half of the day (M-F) and has personal experience using, or knowledge of, some of the many products and services covered on our site. If [...]

Network Connected Media Device Market Segment to Grow to $94 Billion in 2010, Says ABI Research

ABI Research has published a new study called "Home Networking and Digital Home Network Market Analysis" that forecasts core networking device revenues will decline through 2014 due to the current economic slump. However, network connected digital media adapters, TVs, game consoles, VOD set-top boxes will grow from $74 billion this year to $94 billion in [...]

Strategy Analytics Places Apple and Cisco As Digital Home Market Leaders to Watch

Strategy Analytics, in their latest report “Connected Home Leaderboard: A Strategic Assessment Of The Leading CE, PC and Mobile Companies,” concluded that Apple and Panasonic have made the greatest strides in the Digital Home segment for the past two years and that up-in-comer Cisco (aka Linksys by Cisco) is set to make a big splash [...]

As the Web Enters the Living Room, Consumer Electronics Browser Shipments to Reach 214 Million

The rise of IP-enabled consumer electronics products is fueling increasing demand for browsers and web-based user interfaces in these devices. ABI Research expects the number of web browsers embedded in consumer electronics devices such as digital TVs, game consoles, and set top boxes to grow from 60 million shipped in 2008 to 214 million by [...]

East Coast or West Coast, Upper Middle Class Households Are the Target Internet-Connected TV Devices, According to MultiMedia Intelligence

The target connected digital living room consumer household has household income between $100,000 and $150,000, according to recent research by MultiMedia Intelligence. These upper middle class households would ideally have children and be located in a metropolitan area on the East or West Coast. Based on a sample of over 25,000 respondents with English and Spanish [...] Rolls Out “Connected Home Store”

I just got this e-mail notification in my inbox this morning (see graphic). So, I jumped over to see what it was all about. Boy... was I impressed. Amazon's Connected Home Store page is so well dialed in, it's scary. Amazon has products broken down by popular Digital Home categories, bestsellers, and even home setup [...]

Digital Home Trends Discussed in Webcast by Michael Wolf

Digital media are transforming our experience of entertainment more profoundly than at any time since the introduction of radio and television themselves. And in industrialized regions, growing numbers of consumers are seeking ways to distribute digital information and entertainment content around the home, creating wired or wireless home networks to do so. In an audio Webcast [...]