Dell Launches the Multi-touch Studio One 19 Desktop

It appears that Dell is trying to encroach on HP's TouchSmart family of PCs' territory. Geared towards folks who are looking for a communal counter-top PC, a productivity PC, or a simple PC for the kids, Dell's Studio One 19 all-in-one Desktop PC is a compelling new offering that may soon find a place in [...]

Dell Premiers First Industry-Approved Burn-To-DVD Downloads

Dell is bringing the big screen to the PC screen, making it easy for users to build a personal digital library of their favorite Hollywood blockbusters. Dell and Sonic Solutions have teamed to make downloading and recording DVD movies easy with the first PC-based Qflix™ drives. Using an intuitive application, Roxio® Venue, movie collectors can [...]

Video Hands-On: Dell Studio Hybrid at Digital Home Thoughts

[youtube=] Since the announcement of Dell's Studio Hybrid mini PC, the blogosphere has been all abuzz about its good looks, powerful feature-set, and energy efficiency. Now, Jason Dunn, who ordered a Studio Hybrid on the first day it became available, has produced and un-boxing and hands-on video showcasing the product. Jason plans on using the Vista [...]

Look Beyond the Rack for Style This Fall – Dell’s New Studio and Inspiron Systems Redefine PC Design

Dell’s smallest, most personalized and most environmentally responsible consumer PC, the Studio Hybrid, launches today. Available immediately at, the PC’s new unique shape and size, personalized with six optional, external jewel-toned color or bamboo sleeves, unleashes stylistic expression, inspiration and fun and looks great in any room. Dell also unveiled two new Inspiron PCs, including [...]

Dell Adds MP3/WMA/WMV/DVD/HDMI Support and More to Latest Ubuntu Linux PC Offerings

Kudos to Dell for adding support for these popular codecs and technologies out of the box. Multimedia support has been a long time bug-a-boo (mostly on the legal end) since Dell decided to launch their Ubuntu Linux PC lineup last year. However, that's now changed. Dell is now bundling support for popular multimedia codecs [...]