DLNA Looks to Increase Consumer Awareness and Extends Reach with Wi-Fi Direct

It's been a busy few weeks over at the DLNA. First they release a set of videos aimed at educating the mass market by demonstrating how easy it is for consumers to connect and enjoy their digital content regardless of manufacturer. They cover the scenarios that most normal people (and by normal I don't mean geeks [...]

Strategy Analytics Places Apple and Cisco As Digital Home Market Leaders to Watch

Strategy Analytics, in their latest report “Connected Home Leaderboard: A Strategic Assessment Of The Leading CE, PC and Mobile Companies,” concluded that Apple and Panasonic have made the greatest strides in the Digital Home segment for the past two years and that up-in-comer Cisco (aka Linksys by Cisco) is set to make a big splash [...]

East Coast or West Coast, Upper Middle Class Households Are the Target Internet-Connected TV Devices, According to MultiMedia Intelligence

The target connected digital living room consumer household has household income between $100,000 and $150,000, according to recent research by MultiMedia Intelligence. These upper middle class households would ideally have children and be located in a metropolitan area on the East or West Coast. Based on a sample of over 25,000 respondents with English and Spanish [...]

Many Solutions Competing for Role as Living Room Media Hub

Consumers are moving beyond basic PC-to-PC networks as they look to connect devices to the home network to access and share the growing array of digital content from the Internet, as well as from their own capture devices. While just a few years ago most consumers’ networks had only PCs on them, the growth in [...]