Social TV to Take Off in 2012

It has been predicted by both Mashable and the Harvard Business Review (HBR) that Social TV is to take off during 2012. Whilst 2011 saw a large number of startups in the sector, and more coverage in mainstream media, Social TV remained a tiny fragment of possible entertainment. However, for those who want their digital [...]

Consumers Demand Extensive and Smooth Connectivity

Broadcom Corporation has disclosed the results of a new customer survey carried out by JZ Analytics, showing a heightened demand for extensive and smooth connections. The survey results revealed by Broadcom are: Connecting in the home * Using online video: two-thirds of the people that participated in the survey said that they view over two videos per [...]

Research Study Finds Connected TV Users Demand Improved UIs and Web Services Integration

Strategy Analytics has a released a new research study dubbed, Profiling the Connected Media Consumer: a Contextual Study, that examines what owners and potential buyers of network enabled HDTVs are looking for and/or expecting in their "Connected TV." The good news... vocal early adopters are already guiding what features and services their products should support [...]

Sony Group Corporate Strategy Update FY2008–FY2010: To Be the Leading Global Provider of Networked Consumer Electronics and Entertainment

Sony today presented a series of new initiatives designed to build on its previous three-year revitalization plan and to position the company as the leading global provider of networked consumer electronics and entertainment. In particular, the company will focus on strengthening core businesses, enhancing network initiatives and leveraging international growth opportunities to build for the [...]