One Second Android Boot Times Anyone?

A new technology called QuickBoot by Ubiquitous was on display at Computex. In a nutshell, QuickBoot is a software product loaded on a ARM 9/11/Cortex-A processor device which can "cold boot" Android in about a second from a completely power-off state — something that normally would take about 30-seconds. Ubiquitous explains: "QuickBoot can restore necessary [...]

Could MeeGo, Not Android Be iPad’s Nearest Threat?

Have a look at this 10-inch MeeGo tablet showcased at Computex by Intel. Sure, you've seen MeeGo running on netbooks as smooth as butter, but the OS has a tablet variant that's just plain smart — and, frankly, more advanced than the iPad. According to Engadget, who was lucky enough to get some close up [...]

It’s Time for Microsoft to Create Windows Tablet Edition

Quick Thought: I'm looking at the current crop of Windows powered tablets showcased at Computex (above is the MSI WindPad 100 featuring the WindTouch UI layer), as well as thinking about HP's previous Slate efforts, and one glaring piece of the puzzle is missing: a consistent tablet UI layer for Windows 7 and/or Windows Embedded [...]

ASUS Reveals Its One-Two Windows 7 Tablet Punch at Computex 2010

ASUS at Computex in Taipei has unveiled two new tablets that may get Windows 7 tablet naysers an opportunity to reconsider. The 12-inch Eee Pad (EP121) is a tablet / netbook via a foldable keyboard dock. It runs Windows 7 Home Premium and leverages Intel's CULV Core 2 Duo processor. Personally, this form factor appeals [...]