Comcast Testing a Smart TV Set-top Box Dubbed ‘Xcalibur’

It appears that a lucky few Comcast subscribers are currently testing a set-top box prototype that's capable of displaying content from the web, live TV, on-demand, and from the DVR using a unified search function similar to Google TV/Logitech Revue on DISH Network. The set-top box, which goes by the name Xcalibur internally, is currently [...]

Xfinity TV App for iPad Rocks!

Earlier this week Comcast released its new Xfinity TV App for iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. The app, which is available through iTunes at no charge, works with Comcast's existing Motorola cable set-top box receivers and DVRs over Wi-Fi or 3G with no special equipment (it appears the app uses Comcast's servers as a [...]

Comcast Shows Off An iPad Remote App with Social TV Functionality

I did a little digging around after taking the recommendation by Tunerfish's lead, John McCrea, to watch Brian Roberts' demo of the Comcast Xfinity Remote iPad app. Yeah... it's impressive — and according to Time Warner Cable's CEO, Glenn Britt, "it's an industry effort with Apple." Below is the demo of how the iPad cable [...]

Comcast Launches the XFINITY TV Experience

We heard Comcast talk quite a bit about its "TV Everywhere" initiative recently at the NewTeeVee LIVE conference. Well, today Comcast is introducing XFINITY TV (Beta) to its cable customers. The new service can be accessed via or, requires a subscriber email address to login, and the installation of both a MOVE player [...]

Comcast Rolls Out ‘Data Usage Meter’ to Broadband Customers

It seems everyone wants to regulate our consumption these days. You may be familiar with Smart Meters that track your energy usage on an hourly basis and snitch to the utility company when you're active during "peak times" so they can justify charging a premium for your indiscretions. Now, broadband providers like Comcast are getting [...]

Comcast’s Amy Banse Explains TV Everywhere

At NewTeeVee LIVE yesterday Comcast's Amy Banse talked about what subscribers can look forward to with the company's "TV Everywhere" initiative. Essentially, what Comcast wants to do is bring TV programming to a variety of platforms - specifically Internet enabled and mobile devices. TV Everywhere encompasses, as Banse puts it, linear viewing, à la carte, [...]

CNET Video: How to Track Your Bandwidth Usage for Free

I'm sure there are many you out there who are a little disappointed that Comcast has decided to cap monthly bandwidth usage to 250GB for home user accounts. What's even more bothersome is that Comcast neglected to provide customers a way to dynamically check how far along they are in reaching their cap. Enter: Bitmeter [...]