Verizon Plans Home Connectivity Services Expansion

In October Verizon introduced its Home Monitoring and Control service that provides simple energy management and home automation choices, and is now looking to expand its services within the next 12 months. Verizon follows additional bug service providers, Vivint, Comcast and ADT into the remote monitoring and home control area, although with a reduced monthly [...]

No Streaming-only Service from Comcast on the Horizon

Comcast's CEO told analysts earlier this week that the company has no plans to offer a streaming-only service to non-subscribers which could theoretically run on the Boxee Box or Roku. The CEO makes clear that previous efforts like "proved unprofitable." It's worth pointing out, though, that a free service like Fancast is different than an IPTV service that folks [...]

Motorola Televation to Bring Secure, Set-top Box Free Television Streams to Android, iOS, Smart TVs and other IP Devices over Wi-Fi

Someone pinch me. Motorola is announcing a new kind of CableCARD TV tuner that providers can leverage to offer customers additional/legal ways to receive television to their varied devices via IP. Motorola says they already have SDKs available for both Android and iOS that providers can use to create custom apps to enable subscribers to navigate, [...]

Comcast Talks Up Xfinity Home Security (and Control) Service

If you haven't heard that Comcast has entered the home security and control market, you're not alone. The service originally launched in Houston in mid-2010 and is now expanding to Chattanooga, Jacksonville, Nashville, Philadelphia, Portland, and Sarasota/Naples. As you'll see in the demo below, the broadband connected, professionally monitored service provides peace of mind when [...]

Comcast Becomes the First TV Provider to Give Users Current Series ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC VOD Content

Looks like Comcast isn't playing around with its Xfinity offering. The company has just announced that they'll be adding ABC and FOX to its video on-demand (VOD) offering today, making them the first TV provider to offer current series TV content from all four major networks. If you remember, Netflix tried to make a big [...]

Comcast Finds 67% of Polled Subscribers Are Interested in Interactive TV Features

Lets leave the discussion of second screens on the side for a moment. Comcast found that participants polled from their Comcast Advisors Panel were either "very interested" (39%) or "somewhat interested" (28%) in having interactive TV (iTV) features where one could vote on the outcomes of a show, be polled, or request additional information on [...]

MUST SEE: Comcast and Time Warner Cable Leverage Samsung’s Smart TV Platform for Set-top Box Free TV Viewing

Think Smart TVs are a dumb idea? Take a look at this demo presentation by Comcast and Time Warner Cable at CES 2011. The two premium cable TV providers have partnered with Samsung to roll out the first set-top box free viewing solution delivered over IP via Samsung's Smart TV app platform. Both HD services [...]

Comcast Plans to Enable In-home Live TV Streaming and Remote VOD Functionality for iPad and Android Tablets

Hey, wannabe cord cutters! Read this before you snip. Comcast today is announcing that subscribers will soon have the ability to stream and view Live TV anywhere in the home via their iPad or Android tablet. In other words, a real "second screen." What's more, in the coming weeks, Comcast will activate "Play Now" on [...]