Momentum Increase for Home Automation Technology

As a number of the country’s biggest telecommunications and cable organizations keep making their drive into the home security industry, the usage of home automation technology has increased substantially.  On Monday one of the companies that is seeing the advantages of this trend, iControl Networks, made an announcement that its OpenHome software program is going [...]

Comcast Becomes the First TV Provider to Give Users Current Series ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC VOD Content

Looks like Comcast isn't playing around with its Xfinity offering. The company has just announced that they'll be adding ABC and FOX to its video on-demand (VOD) offering today, making them the first TV provider to offer current series TV content from all four major networks. If you remember, Netflix tried to make a big [...]

MUST SEE: Comcast and Time Warner Cable Leverage Samsung’s Smart TV Platform for Set-top Box Free TV Viewing

Think Smart TVs are a dumb idea? Take a look at this demo presentation by Comcast and Time Warner Cable at CES 2011. The two premium cable TV providers have partnered with Samsung to roll out the first set-top box free viewing solution delivered over IP via Samsung's Smart TV app platform. Both HD services [...]