Clicker Analyzes How Amazon’s Prime Instant Video Library Stacks Up Against the Competition

Yesterday Amazon officially announced that its Prime membership holders were now going to be able to stream 5,000 movies and TV shows at no additional charge — a definite perk to a $79/yr service which formally only gave members free 2-day shipping or 1-day shipping for $3.99 on all orders. Now that the cat is [...]

Survey Finds Only 25% Are Interested in Friends’ TV Viewing Behavior via Social Networks

We've got an interesting follow up to our Social TV discussion yesterday. SideReel, a TV watcher community with 10 million monthly unique visitors, has just released the results of their online survey [PR] (sample size: 1,800+). In a nutshell, SideReel found that "Social Media is important, but only for 25 percent of online TV watchers." And [...]

Clicker Unveils Clicker Predict and Leverages Facebook for Video Recommendations

Clicker has just taken the wraps off a new recommendation engine they call Clicker Predict. The algorithm checks 50 user behavior signals to determines which undiscovered content to present to you. In addition, Clicker has tapped Facebook to help it find even more recommendations by sifting through public data posted by yourself and your friends. [...]

Clicker Turns on Social TV

Clicker has gone and done what I expected them to. They've gone social. You can now create a personal profile, friend/follow members, do TV show, movie, or web video check-ins, "Love" content (or "Don't"), earn Clicker Awards (provided mostly by network partners), discuss shows, and more (there's even a mobile app). And being that this [...]

Clicker Reports 90% of 2009/2010 TV Shows Can Be Found Online

Make your way over to the Clicker Blog. The guys have sifted through their data of TV shows available online and found some interesting trends. Highlights: 90% of TV shows are available online at one time or another for viewing, 50% of those became available within a day of airing, and %60 of those [...]

Clicker Unveils for Television Browsing today intoduced a new version of their "TV Guide for the Web" offering for large-screen televisions and computer displays. What's innovative here is that (note the .tv) is an HTML5 web application that requires no software to download and can be controlled using your PC remote or your keyboard's directional arrow keys. [...] Aims to Be the Best Way to Find HTML5 Compatible Video for the iPad

Sure you could visit Apple's iPad-ready list of websites that cater to iPad's need for HTML5 video, but if you were smart (like most of our readers are), you would navigate over to with your iPad (or spoofed browser) to view a continuously expanding collection of compatible video from all around the web broken [...]

Boxee ‘Gets Its Search On’ with Clicker

One of the big problems with web, and web video in particular, is locating content. Google has done a great job of indexing web pages, but a fairly new startup called Clicker has set its sights on web video. Clicker bills itself as "one part directory, one part search engine, one part wiki, one part [...]