Cisco Videoscape Demo at CES 2011

OK, now that we can all view Cisco's presentation of Videoscape at CES 2011 (previously they posted a bogus video demo on their product page — it's still there, by the way) the new Videoscape platform is hands down the most advanced Smart TV platform unveiled to date. I stated that they've taken a page [...]

Cisco Enters the Smart TV Space, Takes a Page from Google TV

Cisco sure does sound confident today. The company is announcing that it will be partnering with TV service providers to help them roll out their next generation TV set-top boxes powered by its new Videoscape technology. Much like Google TV, Cisco Videoscape is able to combine live TV, on-demand, web, and social content in a [...]

Cisco Planning on Bringing Its TelePresence Videoconferencing Technology to the Living Room in 2010

At this time next year, reports, Cisco is hoping to launch a new consumer grade TelePresence TV camera — most likely under the Linksys brand — that will allow users to videoconference friends and family members at quality levels similar to its corporate TelePresence systems. Details are a little sparse at the moment of [...]

Strategy Analytics Places Apple and Cisco As Digital Home Market Leaders to Watch

Strategy Analytics, in their latest report “Connected Home Leaderboard: A Strategic Assessment Of The Leading CE, PC and Mobile Companies,” concluded that Apple and Panasonic have made the greatest strides in the Digital Home segment for the past two years and that up-in-comer Cisco (aka Linksys by Cisco) is set to make a big splash [...]

Linksys by Cisco Wireless Routers Take Security Up a Notch with Addition of Trend Micro’s Home Network Defender

Everyone knows securing your home network and PCs is of vital importance. As such, Cisco has partnered with Trend Micro to bring an easy to manage, built-in solution called Home Network Defender to their line of Linksys Wireless-N routers. The new utility, which can be acquired via the products' latest firmware update, provides a central [...]

Cisco to Push into Home Electronics – Why?

I get and respect Cisco’s desire to dig deeper into the home, but I am not convinced that a piece of consumer electronics gear is the way to do it. According to the NYT, Cisco is looking to develop a “a digital stereo system that is meant to move music wirelessly around a house.” I [...]

Linksys Revamps Powerline Network Adapter Line

Cisco is announcing their revamped Powerline adapters for the Linksys brand. The changes to the devices are mostly cosmetic. The new adapters are sleeker, black, and are redesigned to not impede on the second port in a standard wall socket. The new line comes in two forms, the Turbo and AV. Powerline Turbo is built [...]

Cisco Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Pure Networks

Cisco today announced its intent to purchase privately held Pure Networks, a Seattle-based leader in home networking-management software and tools. Pure Networks' home networking-management solution allows users to easily set up and manage a home network and connect a range of devices, applications and services within a home. Cisco believes the industry is amid a transition [...]