Netflix’s Chrome OS Plugin May Be One of Google’s First Native Client Examples

After the disappointment that the new Netflix Web App in the Chrome Web Store wasn't compatible with other Linux distros other than Chrome OS, I did a little investigating of why that may be. It turns out the answer was right in front of me. I just didn't know what I was looking at. If you [...]

Netflix App Hits the Chrome Web Store (Limited to Chrome OS on Linux)

Good news and bad. Netflix is now available as a web app for Chrome OS through Google's Chrome Web Store [Twitter announcement]. Bad news is that it does not support other Linux-based operating systems that can run Google's Chrome browser at the moment. The web app also appears to be working fine with Windows and Mac OS X [...]

Chrome Tablet Browsing Anyone?

Below is a video demo by François Beaufort of the current state of the touch-enabled Chromium browser. As you can see it has been heavily optimized from the desktop version to work well with a touch display. There has been no interest by Google to make a Chrome OS tablet [mockup renderings], but that's not stopping the [...]

Netflix FINALLY Coming to Linux and Chrome OS

Reports are coming in that Google and Netflix will soon be announcing the availability of a Chrome Web Store App or Extension that will enable Chrome OS and other Linux-based distros running Chrome/ium to access Netflix's streaming movie and TV show catalog without the need for Microsoft's Silverlight plugin. According to a post on the [...]

CueThat Brower Extension Makes Adding Flicks to Your Netflix Queue Easy

CueThat is a new browser extension — currently for Chrome and Firefox, Safari and IE users can use CueThat's bookmarklet — you Netflix fan boys and girls may find useful. Once installed and configured with your Netflix account, CueThat allows you to highlight a movie title on any webpage and add it to your Netflix [...]

IDC Predicts Media Tablet Demand in Asia/Pacific Will Grow by 65% in 2014 from 2009’s 1.3M Units

So Americans aren't the only ones who are going tablet crazy. Research firm, IDC, predicts shipments in the Asia/Pacific region (excluding Japan) will grow from 1.3 million in 2009 to 9.6 million in 2014. IDC points out that they're specifically referring to 7-12 inch display models running lightweight mobile operating systems like Android, Chrome, iOS, MeeGo, WebOS [...]