HP’s Phil McKinney Discusses the HP Slate

The following video gives potential buyers a closer look at the upcoming HP Slate and the thinking behind it. HP's CTO, Phil McKinney, states that 2010 is providing the "perfect storm of innovation" for such a product to be introduced to market. In particular, McKinney is referring to the current costs associated with producing such [...]

DisplaySearch Forecasts 1.2M+ 3D Capable HDTVs Will Ship in 2010, 15.6M in 2013

I don't know how analysts arrive at these numbers, but 3DTV was a big hit at CES 2010. So on top of HDTVs being network connected for streaming media locally from devices on your home network and the interent, consumers will soon have 3D options to look forward to — including dedicated 3D programming channels. [...]

Elan Demos Multi-touch Enabled Windows Media Center Remote

What do you know? Multi-touch has been integrated into an HTPC remote for Windows Media Center. The attached video demo shows how Elan Microelectronics Corp.'s capacitive touchpad Smart Remote Control works in conjunction with Windows 7's built-in touch features over RF. You'll notice that it makes browsing photos and web pages on your TV a [...]

Silicondust’s HDHomeRun with CableCARD Support for Windows 7 Media Center Looks Promising

Get ready folks. Starting this April Silicondust will be accepting applications to beta test their currently under development HDHomeRun CableCARD product. The new device (expected to retail for $249) will accept a multi-stream CableCARD and will offer dual HD capable tuners that can be accessed by multiple Windows 7 Media Center PCs over your LAN [...]

HSTi Wireless Media Stick Brings Shared PC Media Files to Any Device with a USB Port

Here's an intriguing device that made its first appearance at CES. The $119.99 HSTi Wireless Media Stick is a USB dongle that you can attach to any media playback device that can read files from a USB drive (i.e. Blu-ray player, TV, stereo, game console, digital picture frame, etc.). Unlike a traditional thumbdrive with limited [...]

Sony Unveils the Chumby Powered ‘dash’ Personal Internet Viewer

If you've had your eye on the Chumby, but couldn't get yourself to pull the trigger because of the form factor or its miniture size, have a look at Sony's new dash Personal Internet Viewer available this April. For a $199 you'll get a Wi-Fi enabled infotaiment device with a 7-inch (800x480) touchscreen, built-in speakers, [...]

Iomega Intros the $99 iConnect Wireless Data Station / NAS Adapter

Now here's a tempting piece of gear showcased at CES. Iomega this February will be launching a $99.99 NAS adapter, called the iConnect Wireless Data Station, that will take any USB hard drive or thumbdrive and make its contents available through your home network or remotely via 802.11n Wi-Fi or Ethernet. In addition, the iConnect [...]

VUDU Steps Up Its Game – Powers Net-Connected TVs with Hundreds of Apps

The once counted out VUDU offering is now showing the world and its critics that the streaming 1080p HD video (w/ Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound) and VUDU App service is here to stay and one to be contended with. VUDU today announced at CES that the company's app catalog now consists of hundreds [...]