New Xtreamer Ultra Media Streamer / HTPC Set to Debut at CeBIT 2011

Why settle for a high-powered media streamer like the Boxee Box when you can get one that can double as an HTPC as well? Well, that's what Xtreamer is looking to offer with its new mini-ITX Xtreamer Ultra product, set to debut at CeBIT next month. The Xtreamer Ultra is an "aggressively priced" media streamer [...]

Hauppauge Gives CeBIT Attendees a Sneak Peek at the MediaMVP-HD

It appears the Hauppauge has a new digital media streamer in the pipeline. At CeBIT the company showcased the next version of it's popular MediaMVP called the MediaMVP-HD. The MediaMVP-HD is said to be able to function without the need to connect to a PC, it can stream content from network storage devices, and is [...]

ASUS Eee Box B206 PC Makes an Appearance at CeBIT

ASUS showed off their Eee Box B206 PC at CeBIT and boy... it doesn't get better than this if you're looking for a budget, small form factor PC intended for HD media playback. The drive-less $440 PC (which can be mounted to the back of a LCD monitor or placed on a stand) features a [...]

MSI Unveils the Blu-ray Equipped Wind Box DE200 at CeBIT

For those who want a Windows Media Center PC for their living room or bedroom and aren't interested in paying $3000+ for a full-blown HTPC, feast your eyes on this little gem. The MSI Wind Box DE200 PC comes equipped with a Blu-ray drive, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 graphics, 2GB of DDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive, [...]

QNAP Debuts the NMP1000 Network Media Player at CeBIT

It looks like products like the Popcorn Hour Networked Media Tank and the Mvix Media Players have some new competition. QNAP debuted their forthcoming NMP1000 Network Media Player at CeBIT. As one would expect, the device is capable of playing a variety of media content (including HD), it can stream and playback media from network [...]

Acer Showcases Another Intel Atom Powered NAS Server at CeBIT

Last month we got a glance at Acer's Intel Atom powered Aspire easyStore HS340 series Windows Home Server box that's currently only available in Japan. Now the company is showcasing a second NAS product dubbed the Altos easyStore with a slightly different enclosure and possibly running Linux. It seems that this model is geared more [...]