CableLabs Gives Its Blessing to Tuner Sharing via OCUR Devices

Thinking of picking up Ceton's InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner? Well, CableLabs has just made it a lot more useful, according to DMZ. We knew it could help a Windows Media Center PC transport its video feed to Media Center Extenders and other PCs, but it can now officially — through an upcoming firmware update — [...]

Windows 7 End Users Can Now Add CableCARD Tuners to Their PCs

Unbelievable, a day that I thought would never come has arrived. Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center end users — with the blessing of CableLabs — can now add CableCARD tuners (like the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner) to their PC on their own with little to no hassle. What's more, Windows 7 will integrate [...]

Intel Asks FCC to Require Ethernet Ports on Set-Tops

I think this is interesting, but perhaps unnecessary. From what I can tell, the large majority of new designs for set-tops have some form of IP connectivity. Certainly, as this Ars article mentions, moves by CableLabs to approve DTCP over IP have paved the way for carriers (in the US at least) to potentially feel [...]