Google TV Wants to Become THE TV Set-top Box by Leveraging AllVid

One of the big hurdles with current TV services, at least in Google's eyes presently, is that it's near impossible to gain access to a provider's on-demand catalog, as well as integrate Internet content. EPG data on the other hand, not so much. Being the case, Google is encouraging the FCC to put its support [...]

Silicondust’s HDHomeRun with CableCARD Support for Windows 7 Media Center Looks Promising

Get ready folks. Starting this April Silicondust will be accepting applications to beta test their currently under development HDHomeRun CableCARD product. The new device (expected to retail for $249) will accept a multi-stream CableCARD and will offer dual HD capable tuners that can be accessed by multiple Windows 7 Media Center PCs over your LAN [...]

Sean Alexander Takes a Stab at What Needs to Be Done to Fix CableCARD

If you've been following Windows Media Center development for any length time, you're familiar with the hurdles and pains of getting CableCARD support on a PC. It wasn't that long ago that CableLabs was the only organization that could certify and license a PC maker's CableCARD-ready PC for sale — and might I add... at [...]

SageMCTuner Brings CableCARD Support Unofficially to SageTV

You gotta love this. Andy Van Till — the developer behind DVRMSToolbox — has figured out a way for SageTV to use Windows Media Center and its configured CableCARD tuner(s) to do its bidding. The hack is rather convoluted (see diagram above), but is said to work. You can download the "experimental" SageMCTuner release here [...]

IDF 2009: tru2way Cable DVR Home Server

You've heard about tru2way, right? The next-gen of CableCARD technology that provides two-way interactive television with and through your cable provider? Well, Intel is taking tru2way to the next level with a home DVR server, created for cable TV providers to license, that provides support for a 3 tuner, multi-stream tru2way CableCARD and converts the [...]

Windows 7 End Users Can Now Add CableCARD Tuners to Their PCs

Unbelievable, a day that I thought would never come has arrived. Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center end users — with the blessing of CableLabs — can now add CableCARD tuners (like the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner) to their PC on their own with little to no hassle. What's more, Windows 7 will integrate [...]

Okoro Media Systems Announces the Availability of Its 2009 RK Digital Entertainment Servers

If the idea of having a rack mountable Media Center PC or Home Server functioning at the core of your Digital Home appeals to you, then you'll be interested in learning more about Okoro's 2009 RK Digital Entertainment Server offering, which can be configured to run Windows Vista Ultimate (32/64-bit) or Windows Home Server (32-bit). [...]

Okoro OMS-LX100 CableCARD Media Center PC Now Shipping

It looks like Okoro Media Systems heard consumers' calls for a more attractively priced HTPC. The company today announced availability of the OMS-LX100 low profile Windows Vista Media Center PC with a single CableCARD tuner for only $1,725 (add $300 for the dual tuner setup). At this entry price point the system packs some nice [...]