Boxee Box to Hit Store Shelves This November – Has Its Eye on Google TV

Avner Ronen has posted a blog entry stating that the Boxee Box from D-Link will be available this November. He attributes the delay to wanting to provide 1080p HD video playback from the web and local network shares, hardware acceleration support via Flash 10.1, and new to the mix... a TV web browser (most likely [...]

Boxee Payment System Put in Place for Premium Content

Today Boxee is announcing that they have partnered with Vindicia to enable worldwide content providers to offer premium content for a fee to Boxee users using its CashBox solution — in the process, Boxee will get a 30% cut of all transactions. According to Boxee, premium content will include TV shows, movies, music, and even applications. [...]

Boxee Beta Goes Public + Boxee Box Graphics / Processor Specs Revealed

We all got a preview of Boxee Beta back in December '09. Well, today it's officially available to the public on all platforms (except Apple TV) — Windows, Mac, Linux. If your curious about what Boxee Beta is and how easy it is to setup and use, have a look Howcast's latest video on the topic (attached [...]

Boxee Box Remote to Have Integrated QWERTY Keyboard

The folks at Boxee are teasing fans with computer renderings of the remote they plan on shipping with the Boxee Box by D-Link. Being that the images posted are "first drawings [...] of Astro's original idea," it's probably fair to say that the final remote will be slightly different — but we're hoping not too [...]

Boxee Teams Up with D-Link to Produce the Boxee Box

Attached here are images of the upcoming Boxee Box set to be released in the second quarter of 2010. The 5-inch wide device will exclusively be manufactured by D-Link (model DSM-380) and offer HDMI (1080p capable), S/PDIF, composite audio out, Ethernet, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, RF remote, 2 x USB ports, 1 x SD card slot, [...]