Boxee is Now Officially Netflix Enabled

Wow, it's been since December 2010 or something since Boxee promised Netflix would arrive on their platform. Boxee Box owners, according to the company's blog, can check Settings > System > Update for the new release, which provides support for Netflix in the U.S. and Canada. The setup is like every other connected TV [...]

Iomega Partners with Boxee for Its All New Iomega TV Product Line

Looks like the Boxee Box just got out boxed by a partner OEM. Iomega TV is a Boxee-powered media streamer with up to 2TB of internal storage. Think of it as a perfect competitor to the WD TV Live Hub. The Iomega TV, like the WD TV Live Hub, can function as a DLNA media [...]

Amazon’s Digital Media Device Hot List for 2010

Love 'em or hate 'em digital media adapters and networked set-tops are what bring users content from the web and/or from their networked PCs to a TV. Below is Amazon's bestsellers list for today (minus the peripherals and devices without network connectivity), which is a good gage for what people are buying out of all [...]

Boxee Founder: ‘People Don’t Want Web Browsing on Their TV’

This is funny. First Boxee was not interested in anything but delivering apps through its platform until Google TV came along. Then, this past September, Boxee announced that they were going to integrate a full WebKit browser into their upcoming version of Boxee that would embrace the open web and TV optimized web apps. Now, [...]

Boxee Drops NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 Chip for the Boxee Box, Swaps in Intel’s Atom CE4100 SoC

As Scooby would say, "Ruh-roh, Raggy." Boxee has opted to swap architecture platforms at the last minute from ARM to x86. No longer will Boxee Box be providing the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip Boxee promised to ship at launch. Reason for the change? Engadget has quoted Boxee's Avner Ronen as saying: "The major problem we had [...]

Boxee to Get a Full WebKit Browser

Huh, looks like the folks at Boxee are taking my advice from an earlier report I wrote for their strategy partner regarding the Boxee Box. (Of course, I'll never get any credit or "the job." BTW, the suggestion wasn't well received at the time.) Boxee, according to NewTeeVee, is announcing that they're replacing their anemic [...]

Boxee Box Gets Priced at $199 – Available November 2010

Yesterday, Boxee's Avner Ronen commented on the Apple TV announcement and explained why he thinks people will choose his product over Steve's (or Google's Google TV for that matter). Bottom line: he believes Boxee's choice, openness, and lack of complexity in terms of menus and input systems will win at the end of the day. In [...]

Near Production Ready Boxee Box Previewed

Anticipation is building for the release of the Boxee Box by D-Link. If you remember, it was scheduled to be released this Summer, but then was later pushed to November — citing technical issues. Now, Zach Klien, Boxee's Chief Product Officer, in NYC is confirming that the product is still on track for launch and [...]