Introducing the Beam Brush – the Smart Toothbrush

The latest device to get the connected home treatment is; yes you've guessed it, the toothbrush.  Strange as it may seem at first appearance there does seem to be a method to the madness. When we say connected that doesn't however mean you can stream video from it. Not just yet anyway. The Beam Brush is [...]

The ‘Smartphone Watch’ – an Alternative eHome Remote?

With the ability to check Facebook and Twitter feeds, receive phone calls and retrieve text messages, this is the world's very first 'smartphone watch'. Resembling something from a sci-fi film, the touchscreen i'm Watch is planned to go on sale in 2012 and contains most of the same features as hi-tech phones, at just a fraction [...]

What Would You Do with a Bluetooth Enabled Apple TV?

Rumor has it that iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will allow it to pair with an Apple TV using Bluetooth — a feature currently disabled, but present. Perhaps even other peripherals could communicate with Apple TV at some point as well. So it begs the questions: Why? Apple seems to have a [...]

Dijit Wants to Be Your Smartphone’s Universal Remote App and More

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Dijit's San Francisco headquarters. The small startup in a nutshell wants to turn your smartphone or tablet into a customizable universal remote. Sure, we've seen this kind of tech before, but Dijit has an interesting twist. The company has partnered with Griffin to sell a $79 Bluetooth IR [...]

Nokia Jumps in Head First with a Slew of NFC + Bluetooth Wireless Music Devices

I'm still in awe of Nokia's newly introduced N9 smartphone. However, Nokia pulled out another show stopper today, a new line of wireless music devices. The company is introducing NFC + Bluetooth equipped wireless headphones, portable Hi-Fi speaker (Play 360° - €149), and wireless music receiver adapter for your home stereo (MD-310 - €59). There's also a [...]

Belkin Intros a $49 Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Your Home Stereo

Here's a no-brainer addition to your home theater system or stereo boombox. Belkin today has unveiled the $49.99 Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver designed to wirelessly pass your currently playing tunes on a Bluetooth v2.0+  A2DP enabled device (like an iPhone, iPod touch, Motorola DROID, Blackberry Bold, etc.) via line-in for output through your stereo's speakers. [...]

BlueMaemo Virtual Keyboard and Trackpad for Nokia Internet Tablets Offers an Interesting Alternative

[youtube=] Portugese developer Valério Domingos Valério has released a freeware Maemo add-in for Nokia N800, N810 Internet Tablets that provides users an alternative method to control their PC from a distance via a Bluetooth connection. Simply put, BlueMaemo displays a virtual keyboard and trackpad that users can access for moving a cursor anywhere on a screen, [...]

Iomega StorCenter ix2 Makes a Big Splash into the NAS Market

Just when things were beginning to appear a little stale on the NAS (network-attached storage) front, Iomega has stepped up to the plate with a compact and powerful budget priced solution called the Iomega StorCenter ix2 [promo video | flickr gallery]. What make this device special is that it includes features of more expensive models [...]