CNET Compares Avatar in HD via Blu-ray Disc, VUDU HDX, and Sony PS3 Download

In case you were wondering which format provides the best HD movie experience, CNET's Crave blog has compared how "Avatar" in HD looks via Blu-ray disc ($25 - currently $19.99 @ Amazon), VUDU HDX ($24.99), and PlayStation Store download ($19.99) on Sony's PS3. No surprise... Blu-ray took the crown in overall quality. Blu-ray also offered the [...]

New Blu-ray Format to Increase Storage Capacity and Introduce Dual Fixed / Rewritable Discs

Hard to believe but the Blu-ray Disc Association is getting set to finalize a new format of Blu-ray discs that will require everyone to purchase a new player. A new technology being introduced called BDXL will add additional data layers to a disc, increasing storage capacity from 50GB  to 128GB. IH-BD, on the other hand, [...]

Auto Rip n Compress – Backup Your DVDs and Blu-ray Movies via Windows Media Center

I have a feeling Auto Rip n Compress is going to be everyone's next "must-have" add-in for Windows Media Center. The add-in allows you to easily rip DVD or Blu-ray movies from your couch using only your remote. Of course, you'll need to have some software pre-installed on your PC — like AnyDVD HD, Handbrake, [...]

S1Digital Rolls Out a 100 Disc Blu-ray Changer for Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server

Sure the idea of ripping all your Blu-ray discs to your PC's hard drive or networked home server sounds appealing, but the reality of going through the process isn't quite as pleasant — especially when you consider how much storage space you'll need (an uncompressed Blu-ray movie copy can be 25+ GB in size). Enter [...]

Sony BDP-N460 Network Blu-ray Player

Eariler this week Sony announced its entrant into the networked Blu-ray player space. And I've got to tell you... the BDP-N460 doesn't disappoint. For $249.99 (great price), Sony's Blu-ray player out of the box supports Netflix, YouTube,, Crackle, and Slacker Radio online entertainment services, as well as its own BRAVIA Internet Video platform. While [...]

Samsung Blu-ray Players Now Support YouTube, Blockbuster, MKV

Almost every month we hear about new supported services being added to networked Blu-ray players and HDTVs from the likes of LG, Samsung, and others. Today Samsung is pushing out a new firmware update that adds YouTube (not YouTube HD — at least not yet) and Blockbuster video streaming to its line of Network Blu-ray [...]

MKV, TS, M2TS Container Efficiency Battle

Damian from A Digital Home Blog has contributed a post to comparing the efficiency of the mkv, ts, m2ts containers for HD video — specifically for a Blu-ray movie. In short, his results found that with a 38.4GB disc converted to mkv (using MakeMKV) yielded a 27.GB file, ts (using Clown_BD) yielded a 27.8GB [...]

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Unveiled, Just $299 with 120GB Hard Drive

It's out! Hard to believe that in less than three years Sony is now unveiling a slimmer, lighter, and less power-hungry PlayStation 3. The new PS3 Slim will sell for $299 [Amazon] this September and include a larger 120GB hard drive — not bad for a combined Game Console, Blu-ray player, PC/Internet streamer device. Attached [...]