Redbox Renting Some DVDs on the Same Day of Their Release

Remember how Blockbuster likes to boast that they get DVDs 28 days before Netflix or Redbox? Well, that's not entirely accurate anymore (or never really was). I have a Redbox just down the street from me, which is convenient if I want to watch something relatively new on DVD or Blu-ray on the cheap. I noticed [...]

‘My Movies for iPad’ Gets a YouTube Demo by the Developer

Nothing showcases an app better than a video demo. Attached here is a video created by Brian Binnerup, the developer of My Movies for iPad [iTunes App Store]. He'll show you how you can use an iPad to control/serve multiple host PCs and media center extenders with DVD & Blu-ray movie content throughout the home [...]

Acer Rolls Out the Revo 100 Slim, Set-top HTPC with Windows 7

I'm shaking my head a little over this one. My first reaction to this new product is... Oh, it's the Windows Media Center Embedded device, dubbed Revo 2 with RevoPad, we all got a glimpse of at IDF 2010. Well, no. It's actually a full-on Windows 7 HTPC powered by an AMD Athlon II Neo [...]

Amazon Now Offering 10,000 Disc+ On Demand Movie Titles to Amazon DVD / Blu-ray Purchasers

It's apparent that Amazon wants to become your one-stop location for purchasing movie discs. The company is announcing that they have expanded their "Buy Now, Watch Now" Disc+ On Demand program to offer 10,000 movie titles ready for instant streaming at no charge, when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray disc listed in the catalog. [...]

Sony’s Google TV Powered HDTVs to Support Its BRAVIA Internet Video Offering As an App

This is interesing... and answers one of the questions I've had on how Sony plans to integrate — if at all — its BRAVIA Internet Video offering on the company's upcoming Google TV powered HDTVs and Blu-ray players. It turns out that BRAVIA Internet Video will be available as a Google TV app, as opposed [...]

NETGEAR NeoTV 350 & 550 Ultimate HD Media Players Officially Launching October 2010

There were early reports this past weekend that NETGEAR had introduced the NeoTV 550 HD Media Player, but no official announcement could be found on the site. As of yesterday, that changed. NETGEAR is officially announcing two new "flagship" media streamers to their AV Series product lineup. The NeoTV 350 and 550 Ultimate share the [...]

Public Libraries Loan Out More Movies Than Big Chain DVD Rental Services, according to a 2010 Report

This is kind of surprising. A recent report, dubbed How libraries stack up: 2010 [PDF], by OCLC found that U.S. public libraries loan out 2.1 million videos every day. In contrast, according to the Hartford Courant, Netflix ships around 2 million DVDs, Redbox 1.4 million, and Blockbuster 1.2 million. The rise in popularity of [...]

Digital Living Network Alliance Reports 105 DLNA Certified Blu-ray Players Are Currently on the Market for 2010

It's official. DLNA, you know... the specification that enables devices to stream media from compatible networked PCs and storage devices, is now a standard feature in all Blu-ray players. Well, not exactly — but it's close. In fact, the number of DLNA certified Blu-ray players — from DLNA members like JVC, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Philips, [...]