Video: Blockbuster’s 2Wire MediaPoint VOD Box

[youtube=] has published a video of the 2Wire MediaPoint Digital Media Player designed for Blockbuster that showcases the system's interface, content selection, and usability. So, if you're curious on how well polished the system is, give it a look. ZNF also has a write-up with initial setup impressions – verdict: not ready for prime [...]

Thoughts on Blockbuster ONDEMAND

Ok. So I've been thinking about Blockbuster ONDEMAND. I've got to say... I'm not impressed with the company's new service offering. I've been a happy and loyal Blockbuster Online subscriber for a few years now and I can't justify buying a set-top, even though it's being bundled for $99, if the movies I want to [...]

Blockbuster Partners with 2Wire to Provide On-Demand Movie Set-top Box

Big news this morning if you're a fan of Blockbuster. The company has announced the limited availability of a $99 on-demand video package that gets you 25 movie or TV episode rentals plus a FREE MediaPoint Digital Media Player by 2Wire. No word on how much the MediaPoint set-top by itself will sell for in [...]

Blockbuster’s New Download (Beta) Service Explained

It appears that Blockbuster has rolled out their new “Download” Rent/Buy movie service to all subscribers now (based on Movielink's IP). In fact, one can download movies without having a recurring rental package subscription in place – you just need to create a Blockbuster account. Basically you pay for what you want to watch. New [...]

Blockbuster Movie Downloads Active in Private Beta

What a tease! ZNF got a screenshot from one its readers that shows Blockbuster is offering select members access to movie downloads for rent or purchase. Unfortunately, there are no other details on the price and format the movies will be delivered in, but what I can see is that the majority of the selections [...]