Blockbuster: ‘The Majority of Our Business – As Much As 80% – Has Been in New Releases’

Fast Company's interview with Blockbuster CEO, Jim Keyes, is an interesting one. Besides delving into the company's financial woes, and its implications for investors and partners, Keyes helped shed light on the company's strategy to compete with the likes of Netflix, Redbox, Comcast, iTunes, etc. If you don't know by now, Blockbuster's strategy is a [...]

RoxioNow to Bring DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound to Best Buy’s CinemaNow and Blockbuster VOD Offerings

Looks like VUDU HDX is about to get some new competition. Sonic Solutions and DTS, Inc. are announcing today that Best Buy's CinemaNow and Blockbuster's VOD offerings, powered by RoxioNow's premium entertainment platform, will be DTS 5.1-channel surround sound enabled by year end (rumor has it Netflix will too). Of course, this probably doesn't mean [...]

Blockbuster Lands New Movie Release Exclusivity Deals with Fox and Sony

You may have heard the news last month of Blockbuster and Warner Bros.'s exclusivity deal that would bring Warner Bros.'s new movie releases to Blockbuster customers the same day-and-date the movies are first made available to the public for purchase — the competition like Netflix and redbox would have to wait at least 28 days [...]

Blockbuster, Warner Bros. New Release Exclusivity Deal Already Showing Up in Product Marketing

That was fast! I heard about Blockbuster getting an exclusivity deal with Warner Bros. to rent their new movie titles 28 days before any competitor is able to, but I didn't realize that it was immediate and would affect all forms of delivery and sales (see press release below). As you can see in the [...]

BLOCKBUSTER On Demand Now Available on TiVo

Good news for TiVo Series2, Series3, HD, HD XL DVR owners. You can now rent new movie releases directly from BLOCKBUSTER for $3.99 and older features from $2.99 or less (a few titles are even free) without a monthly BLOCKBUSTER subscription. What's more, HD movie titles are said to be on the way via the [...]

Samsung Blu-ray Players Now Support YouTube, Blockbuster, MKV

Almost every month we hear about new supported services being added to networked Blu-ray players and HDTVs from the likes of LG, Samsung, and others. Today Samsung is pushing out a new firmware update that adds YouTube (not YouTube HD — at least not yet) and Blockbuster video streaming to its line of Network Blu-ray [...]

Blockbuster to Deliver OnDemand Movie Service to Samsung HDTVs and Blu-ray Players by Fall 2009

In a joint press release with Samsung, Blockbuster is announcing that later this Fall they will begin offering their OnDemand movie service via select Samsung HDTVs and network Blu-ray players. (I'm sure other partners will be announced later.) What's interesting, is that in order to do this, Blockbuster must have updated their OnDemand service to [...]

Blockbuster OnDemand Coming to TiVo

Today both companies announced a partnership to provide Blockbuster's OnDemand movies through TiVo in the coming months. The service will be available on Series2 and Series3 DVRs and will charge customers $3.99 to rent a DVD-quality new release movie on the set-top (rentals start at $1.99). TiVo owners will also be able to purchase movies [...]