Blockbuster Entices Netflix Defectors with $9.99/mo 1 Disc At a Time, Unlimited In-store Exchange Plan

Have proof you're a disgruntled Netflix subscriber? If yes, make your way over to Blockbuster's landing page for a special promo and 30-day free trial. The company is offering a $9.99 a month 1 disc at a time plan that will give members access to new releases 28 days before the competition, access to games, [...]

Lots of Whining over Netflix’s Price Hikes; Is It Really All That Bad?

Guys, guys... settle down. Netflix price hikes aren't as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Sure, $9.99 for unlimited streaming + 1 DVD out a time was nice while it lasted, but $15.98 isn't that bad. If one compares it to Blockbuster by Mail, Netflix's offering is still a heck of a [...]

Samsung Shows How Uncomplicated Activating a Blockbuster or Netflix TV App Is

Well, I guess you can say it's easy — if you don't mind jumping back and forth between your TV and PC. As you'll see below, activating a TV app on some services, like Blockbuster and Netflix, requires one to grab an authorization code from the provider's website to enter into the app's settings. If you're familiar [...]

Redbox Renting Some DVDs on the Same Day of Their Release

Remember how Blockbuster likes to boast that they get DVDs 28 days before Netflix or Redbox? Well, that's not entirely accurate anymore (or never really was). I have a Redbox just down the street from me, which is convenient if I want to watch something relatively new on DVD or Blu-ray on the cheap. I noticed [...]

Blockbuster Still Has the 28 Day Advantage In-store, by Mail, and On-demand for New Movie Releases, Despite What’s Being Reported

I almost fell for the news, from sites like Gizmodo and Fast Company, that Blockbuster got bumped down to waiting for new movie releases 28 days later like everyone else (i.e. Netflix, Redbox, etc.). Turns out, if one reads the original news report or the press release, NCR, the operator of the Blockbuster Express kiosks has [...]

Blockbuster Tests $2.99 Per Night New Movie Release Rentals at Kiosks

The timing on this story couldn't be any better. Over the weekend I wanted to rent a new movie release title for a get together. As such, I headed straight to Blockbuster to pick up the movie. The title cost me $4.99 to rent for 3 days, but then later I learned that there was [...]

Public Libraries Loan Out More Movies Than Big Chain DVD Rental Services, according to a 2010 Report

This is kind of surprising. A recent report, dubbed How libraries stack up: 2010 [PDF], by OCLC found that U.S. public libraries loan out 2.1 million videos every day. In contrast, according to the Hartford Courant, Netflix ships around 2 million DVDs, Redbox 1.4 million, and Blockbuster 1.2 million. The rise in popularity of [...]

Possible Winning Combo: OTA HDTV + Hulu Plus + Blockbuster/VUDU

Like many of you I was pleased to hear the news that Hulu unveiled their Hulu Plus offering today. Now I'm wondering if it's actually something I'd be interested in paying for. Luckily, NewTeeVee did the leg work for us in comparing Hulu Plus with Netflix's instant streaming collection. According to the site, Hulu's biggest [...]