WD TV Live Media Players Gain Facebook, Blockbuster OnDemand, and USB Wireless Keyboard Support

Looks like the guys at Western Digital haven't been shaken by the likes of Apple TV, Boxee Box, Google TV, and others. The company is rolling out a new WD TV Live / Plus / Hub update that brings users the ability to upload photos and video to their Facebook account, share their status, and [...]

Blockbuster OnDemand Coming to TiVo

Today both companies announced a partnership to provide Blockbuster's OnDemand movies through TiVo in the coming months. The service will be available on Series2 and Series3 DVRs and will charge customers $3.99 to rent a DVD-quality new release movie on the set-top (rentals start at $1.99). TiVo owners will also be able to purchase movies [...]

Thoughts on Blockbuster ONDEMAND

Ok. So I've been thinking about Blockbuster ONDEMAND. I've got to say... I'm not impressed with the company's new service offering. I've been a happy and loyal Blockbuster Online subscriber for a few years now and I can't justify buying a set-top, even though it's being bundled for $99, if the movies I want to [...]