ABC to Follow FOX and Delay Web Access to Newly Aired TV Shows (Do You Care?)

ABC's CEO Bob Iger just told investors that the company will soon be rolling out their own authentication scheme that will delay recently aired TV shows by 8-days to the public, but not to partner cable subscribers. This is a move similar to what FOX implemented on August 15th, but Iger spells the reason out as [...]

The Movie ‘The Tunnel’ Will Be Distributed FREE via BitTorrent and for Purchase on DVD

This is a "disruptive" idea. The filmakers behind the upcoming Australian horror flick, The Tunnel, have somehow got their DVD distribution partner, Paramount Pictures, to allow the crew to simultaneously release their film FREE to the world via BitTorrent. The idea is to get the movie into as many people's hands as possible, build buzz, [...]

Vuze Adds Support for iTunes, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3

Vuze fans will be happy to learn the the latest 4.2 release has added a new "Devices" tab that enables users to play their Vuze downloaded content on game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In addition, Vuze can also add downloaded content to your iTunes library for playback on Apple TV [...]

How-To Video: Install a Hard Drive into Popcorn Hour

[youtube=] Jeremey Jones at Multimedia-PCs seems to be enjoying his $179 Popcorn Hour A-100 digital media adapter. Jeremy has just published a video demonstrating how easy it is to install a hard drive into Popcorn Hour for use with its BitTorrent downloader functionality — surprisingly, there's a lot room to add one of these (referring to [...]

Drobo SDK Released for Public Development

I've got to congratulate Data Robotics, Inc. for deciding to open up their powerful Drobo storage platform to outside development. I was just thinking about the device other day and imagined how much more compelling Drobo would be if it bundled in UPnP A/V server functionality with the purchase of its hardware add-on, DroboShare. Well, [...]