MUST SEE: BBC’s Revamped iPlayer for PS3 and other Connected Devices

It's hard to be impressed by TV apps these days. Most developers do a horrid job of making things intuitive and easy for end-users to navigate with a standard remote. Enter BBC's new iPlayer HTML5/CE-HTML app. The team at BBC have put in a lot of thought on what a TV-optimized web app should do, [...]

App Discovery Not a High Priority for Connected TV Owners

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, is out with a new Digital Home Observatory report which finds that Connected TV and Smart TV owners rarely seek out new apps to use other than the ones they are already familiar with on their PC, tablet, games console or smartphone devices. If they do venture out, however, they're usually [...]

BBC iPlayer Planning to Go International

Next to Hulu BBC's iPlayer is one of the Internet's hottest content portals of original TV programming. Unfortunately, iPlayer has been limited to UK viewers who subsidize the production of the network's TV shows via their taxes. However, we're now getting word (thanks to T3) from BBC Worldwide's Chief Executive, John Smith, that BBC is planning [...]

TVersity Goes Pro – Adds Content Access to Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Joost, Sling, and Others

TVersity has stepped up their game and has added access to many of the top video sites on the Net [full list]. According to TVersity's announcement (attached below), TVersity Pro ($29.95) is able to accomplish this by playing premium web content via an "off-screen browser." TVersity is still able to transcode user generated video from [...]

Boxee Opens Alpha Version to the Public and Adds BBC iPlayer & Joost Content Access

Get it while it's hot! Boxee is opening up their Alpha release to all Mac, Ubuntu, and Apple TV users. Windows users, however, still need to be invited into the private-alpha. In addition, Boxee is also announcing BBC iPlayer (available from the UK only) and Joost content access via their own Boxee portal page and [...]