ASUS EeeKeyboard Unboxing and Walkthrough has done a fantastic job of putting together a set of videos showcasing ASUS' latest product, the EeeKeyboard (MSRP $599 - available through Amazon). You'll get to see how this hybrid wireless keyboard / HTPC can display to an HDTV (in 720p) over UWB and how one uses the built-in 5-inch touchscreen display for [...]

ASUS EeeKeyboard Shipping This Summer

Who knew? ASUS is actually going to launch the ASUS EeeKeyboard. I think most people barely paid any attention to the prototype that was spotted on showfloors here and there, but now that it's confimed to launch later this month (price: TBD)... it's time to take notice. So what's so special about the EeeKeyboard? It's [...]