ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet Unboxed and Examined

The first thing that came to mind after watching the following video from Archos Lounge is: Why? Having a counter-top tablet for use in the kitchen or on a shelf for displaying images seems reasonable. However, after seeing the ARCHOS 8 Home Tablet powered up and displaying the generic Android mobile interface, I'm not so [...]

ARCHOS Home Tablet Anyone?

Archos has unveiled a unique offering [PDF] today that might very well get a lot of people's attention. For a $179 you'll soon be able to pick up the company's new 7-inch widescreen mobile or 8-inch 4:3 table-top Android Home Tablet. You can think of the ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet as a budget version of [...]

Video Demo: YouTube HD Playback on the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet

Our overly enthusiastic friend, Charbax, has posted a new video hightlighting the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet's ability to playback YouTube HD content on a HDTV via the ARCHOS DVR Station. I have to admit... the quality looks pretty good. Plus, the fact that it opens video in fullscreen mode and provides related metadata is a [...]

Video Demo: ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet + Media Dock in Action

Our buddy, Charbax, has posted a video demo of himself using the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet in real world use cases. In the video below you'll see's Android application running, Internet browsing, and 720p video playback (Xvid, MKV files) on the device, as well as on the ARCHOS media dock (aka DVR Station) connected to [...]

ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet

After much Internet chatter over the Summer, ARCHOS has finally released their 5-inch screen, Android powered ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet ($249.99 8GB — $439.99 500GB). The new OS is an evolution for the platform which combines ARCHOS' video player expertise with Google's seemingly more and more popular Android OS and its platform specific applications. Speaking [...]

ARCHOS 9PCtablet Making the Hands-On Rounds

Both Engadget and Gizmodo were lucky enough to take the upcoming Windows 7 powered, Intel Atom toting ARCHOS 9PCtablet for a spin. Overall, everyone seems impressed by the form factor and performance, but with one caveat; the $499 ARCHOS 9PCtablet uses a non multi-touch resistive touchscreen as opposed to a capacitive one, which appeared to [...]

ARCHOS to Launch Android-Based Mobile Phone / Media Player

Interesting news today from Archos. The company is announcing that they will soon be launching a new device type called the Internet Media Tablet (IMT) that combines both a mobile phone and a full-blown portable media player in one device (somewhat similar in scope to the ARCHOS 5 pictured above). The IMT will be powered [...]

ARCHOS Redefines Mobile Internet and Media with Its Internet Media Tablets

Between WiFi hotspots and 3G mobile networks, consumers can access the Internet almost anywhere, and more than half of Americans (62 percent) are engaging in digital activities away from home or work today.* ARCHOS introduced today its new line of breakthrough portable devices, Internet Media Tablets (IMTs), that give people an entirely new way to [...]