Apple Gives Netflix a Pass on In-app Subscription Requirements?!

Wow, I can't believe this news didn't get more play. Earlier this month Business Insider reported that Apple has decided to give Netflix a pass on collecting its 30% cut from in-app subscriptions on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It's really remarkable and completely hypocritical, in my humble opinion. While Apple [...]

Warner Bros. Tries the App Approach for Movie Delivery

Warner Bros. has just announced something special that, unfortunately, will probably (or not?) get pulled any day now for it not meeting Apple's new App Store guidelines that prohibit apps "that are simply songs, movies, or books...." Essentially, what Warner Bros. is introducing is a iPhone / iPod touch / iPad compatible movie app for [...]

Is Apple Secretly Working on Gaming Support for Apple TV?

Not a fan of pushing rumors, but this news seems intriguing. An Engadget tipster is telling the site that he's discovered code in iOS 4.3 that signals Apple may be working on something special for Apple TV in terms of gaming, pointing to the "ATVGames", "ATVThunder" strings as proof of the future offering. However, as everyone [...]

Will Apple’s Second Generation iPad Match or Exceed Motorola’s XOOM $699 Price Tag?

Word is Motorola's XOOM tablet will retail for $699 at Best Buy, or $200 more than the entry-level, first generation iPad. The news, obviously, has got a lot a people buzzing — most thinking Motorola is nuts for not offering it anywhere near $499. But the pricing details got me thinking about something entirely different. [...]

Is Apple TV Just a Glorified Netflix Box?

GigaOm has posted a short op-ed wondering if Apple TV is nothing more than a Netflix box (and I'll add: for the Apple user base)? The argument for that conclusion comes from the fact that the new, second generation Apple TV device is most often used to stream Netflix content to one's TV — a capability that [...]

Digital Magazine Sales via iTunes Take a Nose Dive is reporting that digital magazine sales purchased on iTunes for reading on the iPad have taken a nose dive. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, Wired has gone from 100,000 copies sold in June (its debut) to an average of 31,000 copies a month, Vanity Fair went down to 8,700 copies in November from averaging [...]

AirPrint has 12 Compatible Printers (All from HP)

Interesting timing. DLNA put out a press release this past Tuesday that customers now have 40 DLNA certified printer models to choose from in 2010. Then, the following day, Business Insider posted that iOS 4.2's new AirPrint function has exactly 12 compatible printers (7 work out of the box) — all from HP. Seems like if [...]

My Movies for iPad Released

Got an iPad and heart My Movies on Windows Media Center? Then download a copy of My Movies for iPad ($6.99 - iTunes). The new app allows users to view their entire movie catalog, add titles by name manually, and even play movies on their PC via the app. And, once the iPad gets a [...]