Amazon’s Digital Media Device Hot List for 2010

Love 'em or hate 'em digital media adapters and networked set-tops are what bring users content from the web and/or from their networked PCs to a TV. Below is Amazon's bestsellers list for today (minus the peripherals and devices without network connectivity), which is a good gage for what people are buying out of all [...]

Roku Sales Doubled When Apple TV Launched

I've silently been admiring Roku's strategy to build a drop-dead simple 'net-connected media streamer that anyone can understand, install, and easily use. It's never had a major marketing campaign, no interesting jingle that plays back over and over in your mind, and it surely doesn't tell your friends how cool you are. It's a device [...]

AirPlayer Hack Turns Your Mac into an AirPlay Compatible Device

Jealous that Windows users can stream content from their DLNA enabled smartphones to Windows Media Player on a PC for playback? Well, fear not. TUAW's resident hacker, Erica Sadun, has created a freeware (ad-supported) Mac OS X application called AirPlayer that creates and advertises a custom Bonjour AirPlay service similar to Apple TV (underlying code [...]

aTV Flash (black) Beta Now Available for $19.95

We showed you what was coming in aTV Flash (black) Beta a couple weeks ago. Well, Fire Core has just made the Beta available to everyone for a discounted price of $19.95. When the 1.0 release hits the price will jump to $29.95. The Beta brings, as advertised, the following functionality/apps: TV web browser (Couch [...]

iOS 4.2 Arrives, Adds Multitasking, Game Center, and AirPlay Capabilities (with Limitations)

If you own an iPad, you're going to want to download the lastest iOS 4.2 update which brings users a bevy of new enhancements — notably Multitasking, Game Center, AirPlay, and AirPrint. Apple's press release is attached below. Of course, being that this is eHomeUpgrade, our readers are mostly interested in what AirPlay brings to [...]

aTV Flash Beta for Apple TV 2G Coming This Month (Includes TV Browser)

Exciting news for Apple TV fans. The Fire Core team is one to two weeks away from releasing aTV Flash (black) beta for the second generation Apple TV. What's fantastic is that the installer requires no cable or USB drive to transform your generic Apple TV into an insanely powerful networked device. In the team's [...]

Apple TV Wiimote Hack Demo

Got to love people's ability to make gadgets do their own bidding. A second generation Apple TV owner has successfully managed to get his Wiimote to work on a jailbroken Apple TV. Essentially, at this point, the hack allows one to launch a Bluetooth software stack known as BTstack which can then recognize and communicate [...]

How Apps via AirPlay May One Day Work on Your Apple TV

Attached here is a demo of an iPad connected to a TV with a paired iPhone. The iPhone is used as a controller for the game (The Incident 1.3) running on the iPad. If you open your mind up a bit, you can see how zapping and controlling a game (or app) from your iPhone, [...]