Apple Adds iTunes ‘Home Sharing’ and Expands AirPlay Functionality in iOS 4.3

With all the big news of iPad 2 yesterday it was easy to overlook that Apple also updated iTunes and iOS with some features that our readers will find exciting. It turns out that iTunes now has a Home Sharing feature that allows iOS 4.3 running device owners to tap their computer's iTunes library over [...]

Is Apple Secretly Working on Gaming Support for Apple TV?

Not a fan of pushing rumors, but this news seems intriguing. An Engadget tipster is telling the site that he's discovered code in iOS 4.3 that signals Apple may be working on something special for Apple TV in terms of gaming, pointing to the "ATVGames", "ATVThunder" strings as proof of the future offering. However, as everyone [...]

Cord-cutters Made Up 0.18% of the Market in 2010, Expected to Hit 2% Globally in 2015

Is "cord-cutting," the act of intentionally replacing your cable / satellite TV service with a free to low cost IP-based over-the-top solution(s), overhyped? It appears so — at least until the end of this decade. According to Informa Telecoms & Media's recent study, the research firm found that there were only 1.2 million cord-cutters worldwide in 2010, equivalent to [...]

$99 XBMC / Apple TV Looks Amazing (UPDATE: XBMC App for iPad Details)

Engadget received a jailbroken Apple TV (black) with XBMC pre-installed (no word on who the sender was... FireCore?). They say it's not a simple port that anyone can install on the ARM-based device just yet. Nevertheless, the following video is going to get a lot people excited — especially when one considers all the things [...]

Sub-$100, ARM-based Google TV Device Imminent?

Our friend Charbax at has it "on very high authority from someone at Google" that an ARM-based Google TV is "coming soon." While I agree that a sub-$100 Google TV product would be awesome, I don't agree with Charbax that nixing HDMI pass-through / TV overlay to reach the price point would be beneficial [...]

What Is and Isn’t a Smart TV

It seems Intel has coined a new descriptor for connected home devices that defines a new category within the space. Personally, I like the term "Smart TV." Trouble is many have started grouping unintended devices and platforms as part of the mix when reporting on Smart TVs. According to Intel, a Smart TV is able [...]

Why TV Platforms Are Conduits and Apps Are Universal

It seems people have already started picking out their favorite TV / IPTV / OTT / Smart TV — or whatever buzz word you want use — platform, which is fine. We've been brought up in a world where you choose the platform / OS that serves you best. So far that's held true for [...]

Is Apple TV Just a Glorified Netflix Box?

GigaOm has posted a short op-ed wondering if Apple TV is nothing more than a Netflix box (and I'll add: for the Apple user base)? The argument for that conclusion comes from the fact that the new, second generation Apple TV device is most often used to stream Netflix content to one's TV — a capability that [...]