Apple Wants to Provide TV Content to iTunes Users for a Flat $30 a Month

AllThingsD has posted a story that has been generating some buzz this morning. According to Peter Kafka, "multiple sources" tell him that Apple is trying to woo content providers to join a $30 a month subscription plan that will provide iTunes users a variety of TV shows at a flat rate. But don't get too [...]

Amazon MP3 Store Gets Integrated into doubleTwist

[youtube=] I don't know about you, but I was expecting something more from doubleTwist than just the integration of the Amazon MP3 Store after watching the rather cool "Tyranny of Choice" video that mocks Apple's 1984 parody commercial. In any case, on Oct. 13th doubleTwist users will be able to buy DRM-free music direct from via [...]

Apple Adds ‘Movie Extras’ and ‘Home Sharing’ to iTunes

You've got to give Apple credit for their studio negotiation skills. Today they are announcing that they will be providing iTunes users with a new feature called iTunes Extras. Extras for movies essentially works like DVD extras (except with more interactively) while LP music extras include video interviews, photos, and song lyrics. In addition, iTunes [...]

Turn Your Mac into an “Extreme” UPnP Media Server with Playback by Yazsoft

Sure we've seen Mac OS X applications that add UPnP media server functionality to your computer so you can stream content to game consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) and other DLNA / UPnP-compatible devices. But, now, Yazsoft is introducing a new server called Playback that does the aforementioned duties, and also integrates with iTunes (share [...]

Apple Adds iPhone / iPod touch Finger Gesture Control to Apple TV

A while back Apple released the Remote app for iPhone and iPod touch that allowed users to wirelessly control iTunes on their Mac. Now, Apple has added finger gesture control functionality to Apple TV — requires Apple TV software update 2.4 and the latest version of Remote. Another nice feature of Remote, users have the [...]

CNET Demos the Correct Way to Migrate Your iTunes Music Collection to an External Hard Drive

Friends and family always ask me how they can transfer their iTunes music collection to another PC or external hard drive without ruining things. Thankfully, I can now point people to the following CNET video that walks you through what you need to do in order to copy your Windows' or Mac's iTunes media collection [...]

HP’s iStream iPhone App for MediaSmart Server Is Out

The moment many of you HP (EX485/EX487) MediaSmart Server owners have been waiting for has arrived. You can now download your free copy of iStream from iTunes to gain remote access of your server's stored photos, music, and videos via your iPhone or iPod touch (no syncing required). HP cautions, however, that copy protected files [...]

Apple iTunes Goes DRM-Free, Activates Variable Pricing Model

Back in Janauary Phil Schiller announced in his keynote at Macworld Expo that Apple would soon be moving to a variable pricing model and provide their entire music collection to a DRM-Free, 256Kbps AAC music format. Well, today is the day that all of that has come to pass. Apple is now selling music on [...]