Why AirPlay Functionality Integrated into HDTVs Is Both Good and Bad

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is considering licensing AirPlay to TV manufactures for use in the their 'net-connected TVs. If you're an Apple fan, this is obviously good news — being that you'll be able to zap movies, TV shows and other video content from your iDevice to a TV without an Apple TV in the [...]

Google TV Remote for Apple iOS Devices Finally Makes an Appearance

If you're one of the one percenters out there who owns a majority of Apple products and felt compelled to buy a Google TV-powered Logitech Revue or Sony Internet TV over an Apple TV, good news. Starting today you can load the official Google TV Remote app for iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch. As [...]

Apple Adds ‘Airplay-Enabled Apps’ Section to Its App Store

Looking for iOS 4 apps that can take advantage of Apple's new Airplay feature? Hit this link and get privy to all the Airplay-enabled apps that will let you stream music, video, or audio to devices like the new Apple TV from your favorite iDevice. So far you've got a 11 to choose from. Highlights: [...]

Sonos Intros the Sonos Wireless Dock for iPhone and iPod touch

Sonos has announced the availability of a $119 wireless dock, set for release at the end of October, for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows music stored on the handset to be streamed and played back through a Sonos music system. Seems to me the guys at Sonos could have integrated this feature in [...]

Savant Unveils iPod touch-based Whole-home Remote and VoIP Phone

The clever guys at Savant are showing off a new whole-home touch remote at CEDIA Expo 2010 that literally is based on the guts of a 4th generation iPod touch. Savant created a custom remote enclosure that turns the player into a multi-button and touchscreen remote that can manage home automation products and tap Savant's [...]

Apple Bumps iPod touch’s Capabilities to iPhone 4 Levels

While most of us were waiting to see if Apple would unveil its 2nd generation Apple TV today (which they did), one of the products people were following closely was info about the next generation iPod touch. Luckily, Apple didn't disappoint. The new, slimer and lighter 4th generation device now shares the same Retina 960x640 [...]

Netflix Movie & TV Show Streaming iPhone / iPod touch App Released

Good news Apple fans. Netflix movie and TV show streaming has arrived on the iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes]. No longer an exclusive feature to just the iPad, the new iOS app can stream content over Wi-Fi and 3G, help manage one's Queue, and assist in displaying content according to a member's personal preferences. Of [...]

Tunerfish Mobile Social TV Check-in and Discovery App Released

The guys at Tunerfish have put together a "no-budget" TV commercial for their new iPhone / iPod touch app — Android version coming soon. In a nutshell, the Tunerfish mobile app allows users to scan a "live stream" of what their friends are currently watching, as well as a list of trending shows consisting of [...]