Apple Adds ‘Airplay-Enabled Apps’ Section to Its App Store

Looking for iOS 4 apps that can take advantage of Apple's new Airplay feature? Hit this link and get privy to all the Airplay-enabled apps that will let you stream music, video, or audio to devices like the new Apple TV from your favorite iDevice. So far you've got a 11 to choose from. Highlights: [...]

Twonky Mobile Arrives on the iPhone, Adds AirPlay Support to Android Version

Packet Video has just announced that their popular DLNA Android app, Twonky Mobile, is now available for iOS devices ($2.99 App Store). The app can "beam" music, photo, and video content for playback from your home server / PC or handset to a DLNA certified device like your TV, Sonos music system, Roku player, or [...]

IntoNow’s New Social TV / Audio Detection App Breaks New Ground

Say hello to IntoNow everyone. It's a new Social TV app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (soon for Android, Web, etc.) that features a proprietary audio detection component called SoundPrint that can identify the TV show or movie you're watching — pre-recorded, place-shifted, or live — with a press of a button. It's actually pretty [...]

Netflix CEO Confirms the Obvious: People Aren’t Crazy about Watching Long-form Video on Portable Devices

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, stunned the Web 2.0 Summit moderator (and possibly many in the audience) this week when he responded that portable devices like the iPhone and iPad have had "very little" impact on their business. It's actually kind of funny to watch (jump to: 02:51). The moderator, with his iPad by his side, [...]

How Apps via AirPlay May One Day Work on Your Apple TV

Attached here is a demo of an iPad connected to a TV with a paired iPhone. The iPhone is used as a controller for the game (The Incident 1.3) running on the iPad. If you open your mind up a bit, you can see how zapping and controlling a game (or app) from your iPhone, [...]

Orb Wi-Fi Streamer for TV Coming Soon

Hat tip to San Francisco Bay Area's TechNow TV show on NBC. The crew met with Orb Networks to discuss the new Orb MP-1 Wi-Fi music streamer. While there, in the background, Orb also had a video version of the streamer working with an HDTV. The device is identical to the music streamer and will [...]

Sonos Intros the Sonos Wireless Dock for iPhone and iPod touch

Sonos has announced the availability of a $119 wireless dock, set for release at the end of October, for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows music stored on the handset to be streamed and played back through a Sonos music system. Seems to me the guys at Sonos could have integrated this feature in [...]

Netflix Movie & TV Show Streaming iPhone / iPod touch App Released

Good news Apple fans. Netflix movie and TV show streaming has arrived on the iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes]. No longer an exclusive feature to just the iPad, the new iOS app can stream content over Wi-Fi and 3G, help manage one's Queue, and assist in displaying content according to a member's personal preferences. Of [...]