Time Warner Cable Launching the Industry’s First ‘Live TV’ Enabled iPad App

On Tuesday, March 15th, Time Warner Cable customers will be able download the company's — and the industry's — first Live TV enabled iPad app. The app will require that customers be subscribed to both its TV and Internet service to access Live TV. Furthermore, the iPad app's Live TV functionality will only work within [...]

Apple Unveils iPad 2; How Does It Stack Up to the Motorola XOOM?

It's a great day for Apple fans. Steve Jobs just unveiled the refreshed iPad, or iPad 2 as it's known. The device, which will be available on March 11th, brings many hardware improvements like a faster dual-core 1Ghz processor, 9x better graphics, rear and front-facing cameras, and a thinner (from 13.4mm to 8.8mm), slightly lighter [...]

Don’t Just Watch TV, DIRECTV Using Your iPad

It's official. DirecTV has just unleashed their iPad DIRECTV experience controller app [iTunes]. Feature highlights include: customizable remote, 14-day EPG complete with show metadata, DVR programming / playlist, quick access to channel favorites and other customizable home screen modules, on-demand movie listings, and a pretty nifty sports scores and schedule pane that you can set [...]

Motorola XOOM Gets Priced: $599.99 on Verizon with 2-year Contract

As hard as the blogosphere tried to give Motorola a hard time for pricing the 4G LTE Motorola XOOM at $799 (unsubsidized), we now know officially that the Android Honeycomb, dual-core Tegra 2 toting Motorola XOOM will be available through Verizion for $599.99 with a 2-year contract starting February 24th. A quick check of how much [...]

HP’s New TouchPad Takes Aim at the iPad

If you missed it earlier, HP had a big event and announcement. The company unveiled its new line of webOS devices. Later this year customers will be able to pick up a revamped, HP-branded Pre, called the Pre 3, a new micro sized phone called the Veer, and a new iPad rival dubbed the TouchPad. [...]

News Corp.’s ‘The Daily’ Is a Good of Example of What a Digital Magazine / Newspaper Should Be

Before I get started, the thought occured to me that the term Digital Newspaper isn't quite apt for an app like The Daily. If anything... The Daily is more of Digital Magazine with daily reportage, editorials, and supplementary photo, video, and audio content. However, the team has saw fit to just call it a "Digital [...]

See Android’s Honeycomb Tablet OS in Action

OK, you've seen the Honeycomb promo video, as well as the upcoming dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 powered Motorola XOOM tablet. Now, have a look at this hands-on demo of XOOM running Honeycomb live at today's Google event (full video below). Personally, I think the UI looks grown-up and more advanced compared to what iOS currently [...]

IntoNow’s New Social TV / Audio Detection App Breaks New Ground

Say hello to IntoNow everyone. It's a new Social TV app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (soon for Android, Web, etc.) that features a proprietary audio detection component called SoundPrint that can identify the TV show or movie you're watching — pre-recorded, place-shifted, or live — with a press of a button. It's actually pretty [...]