Twonky Mobile Arrives on the iPhone, Adds AirPlay Support to Android Version

Packet Video has just announced that their popular DLNA Android app, Twonky Mobile, is now available for iOS devices ($2.99 App Store). The app can "beam" music, photo, and video content for playback from your home server / PC or handset to a DLNA certified device like your TV, Sonos music system, Roku player, or [...]

Is Apple Secretly Working on Gaming Support for Apple TV?

Not a fan of pushing rumors, but this news seems intriguing. An Engadget tipster is telling the site that he's discovered code in iOS 4.3 that signals Apple may be working on something special for Apple TV in terms of gaming, pointing to the "ATVGames", "ATVThunder" strings as proof of the future offering. However, as everyone [...]

Get AirPlay Compatibility on Windows with AirMediaPlayer

Lookie here. Computer Science students at the Technical University of Serres have managed to get AirPlay to work with Windows XP / Vista / 7. They've graciously created an executable for people to use. However, it does require that Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 SP1, Bonjour (via iTunes or Bonjour Print Services for Windows), and QuickTime [...]