Skifta DLNA Media Shifting ‘Play To’ Solution Launched on Android

Skifta, a DLNA-based project that was originally designed for NAS products (see: NETGEAR ReadyNAS), has just launched a new Android app that enables one to access photo, music, playlists, and video files from local or remote DLNA certified NAS servers or PC's with Skifta's desktop software, as well as from select cloud-based services through its [...]

Get AirPlay Compatibility on Windows with AirMediaPlayer

Lookie here. Computer Science students at the Technical University of Serres have managed to get AirPlay to work with Windows XP / Vista / 7. They've graciously created an executable for people to use. However, it does require that Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 SP1, Bonjour (via iTunes or Bonjour Print Services for Windows), and QuickTime [...]

AirFlick Takes a Cue from ‘Play To’

TUAW's Erica Sadun is up to her AirPlay hacking again. She now has a new Mac OS X app called AirFlick that zaps media content on your computer to an Apple TV for playback (requires that the format be supported by the device). As you'll see in the video demo below, AirFlick works similar to [...]

AirPlay Unofficially Finds Its Way to XBMC

OK, we've seen an AirPlay hack that allows an iDevice to zap content over to a Mac for playback as if it were an Apple TV. Now, we're seeing an iDevice, in this case an iPad, zap content over to XBMC running on Ubuntu / Linux. The python script, as you can see in the [...]

AirPlayer Hack Turns Your Mac into an AirPlay Compatible Device

Jealous that Windows users can stream content from their DLNA enabled smartphones to Windows Media Player on a PC for playback? Well, fear not. TUAW's resident hacker, Erica Sadun, has created a freeware (ad-supported) Mac OS X application called AirPlayer that creates and advertises a custom Bonjour AirPlay service similar to Apple TV (underlying code [...]

iOS 4.2 Arrives, Adds Multitasking, Game Center, and AirPlay Capabilities (with Limitations)

If you own an iPad, you're going to want to download the lastest iOS 4.2 update which brings users a bevy of new enhancements — notably Multitasking, Game Center, AirPlay, and AirPrint. Apple's press release is attached below. Of course, being that this is eHomeUpgrade, our readers are mostly interested in what AirPlay brings to [...]

HTC Shows the Desire HD Can ‘Play To’

Forgive the pun in the headline... I couldn't resist. HTC has posted an in-depth video on its forthcoming Desire HD Android handset. Like we mentioned earlier, the Desire HD will include DLNA capabilities that will allow it to stream photos, music, and video to DLNA-enabled devices like a "Smart TV" (should work with DLNA-enabled digital [...]

Will Apple’s AirPlay Cause a Rift in the Connected Home Universe?

It appears that AirPlay is more than just a trick feature that can zap video content from your iDevice to the new Apple TV. Apple a has page up showing a list of hardware partners who will support the new spec. so users can select a device that they want their iTunes music to play on [...]