Keep a Lookout for New Nettop-sized HTPCs with AMD’s new E-450 APU (It’s the New Hotness)

A while back we talked about the differences and benefits of AMD's E-350 APU over an Intel Atom + NVIDIA ION 2 combo for a SFF HTPC setup. Now, AMD has a new and improved chip, the Fusion E-450, which boasts a 1.6GHz processor, enhanced HD graphics (HD 6320), and support for faster DDR3-1333 memory, [...]

MSI Updates Its Wind Box Line of PCs with AMD E-350 APU and Intel Core Processors

Intel Atom Chips with NVIDIA graphics were nice, maybe for the last two years, but now MSI is taking things up a notch performance-wise with their line of Wind Box nettops. The company has redesigned the product offering and is expanding the consumer base by offering three models to suite people's needs: 1-liter Wind Box DC100 [...]

Mvix Minx HD Home-Theater

Interesting... MvixUSA has jumped into the mini HTPC space and is announcing the availability of Mvix Minx (MX-3250HD) HD Home-Theater. Unlike the current crop of Intel Atom + NVIDIA ION products grabbing the headlines, Mvix Minx leverages AMD's Dual Core 3250e processor and ATI 3200HD graphics (full 1080p decoding & DirectX 10 ready) built on [...]