Amazon Now Offering 10,000 Disc+ On Demand Movie Titles to Amazon DVD / Blu-ray Purchasers

It's apparent that Amazon wants to become your one-stop location for purchasing movie discs. The company is announcing that they have expanded their "Buy Now, Watch Now" Disc+ On Demand program to offer 10,000 movie titles ready for instant streaming at no charge, when you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray disc listed in the catalog. [...]

Kindle Owners Tend to be Wealthy and Educated, iPad Owners Tend to be Under 35 and Male

The Nielsen Company earlier this week released the results of a study consisting of 5,000 consumers who own a tablet computer, eReader device, netbook, portable media player, and/or smartphone. To say the least, the results were interesting. We've heard before that Apple customers are generally more affluent and hip (and some say sexier) than the [...]

Microsoft IP Tax Makes Its Way to Linux-based Gadgets

[OPINION] There's a disturbance in the gadget force everyone. You probably aren't aware of it because most you are Mac or Windows users, but those who've been using Linux on the desktop or on servers have known for some time that Microsoft has been bullying Linux software vendors with threats of lawsuits for infringing on [...]

Amazon Video On Demand Rolls Out HD Quality TV Episodes and Movies

Big news today for folks who enjoy renting Amazon Video On Demand content through their Windows / Mac PC, TiVo (Series 3, HD, HD XL), Roku Digital Video Player (now available through, and Sony Bravia Internet Video Link. The service has been upgraded to serve up HD quality TV episodes and Movies in 720p [...]

Intel and Yahoo! Bring Their TV Widget Technology to Life in a Big Way At CES 2009

Sure we've started seeing a crop of "Connected HDTVs" making the news this month, but the real winner here is the Yahoo! Widget Engine and Intel's system-on-a-chip (Media Processor CE 3100) which provides the TV's processing power to handle all the various interactive media application services. In other words, all future HDTVs supporting TV Widgets [...]

Amazon Video On Demand Coming to the Roku Digital Video Player in Early 2009

Scoot over, Netflix. Roku and Amazon have announced a partnership to provide the Roku Digital Video Player (notice Roku finally changed their device's name from "Netflix Player by Roku" to the Roku Digital Video Player — good move) users access to Amazon's Video On Demand library in the early part of 2009. Soon users will [...]

Amazon Customers Can Now Instantly Watch Ad-Free Movies and TV Shows on Macs, PCs and Compatible Sony BRAVIA Televisions Starting Today on Amazon Video On Demand, Inc., today announced that customers can now instantly watch ad-free movies and television shows on Macs or PCs with Amazon Video On Demand, Amazon's digital video service offering thousands of movies and television shows. Previously, customers could only download titles and watch them on a PC (using the Amazon Unbox application) or on their [...]

Amazon VOD Launches, Connects to Sony Bravia TVs

Finally, something other than YouTube on these Internet connected TVs. Sony and Amazon have announced that Amazon's new streaming service will connect to Sony's Bravia TVs, and as I've written about here, Sony has been working on a number of angles to get their Internet TV's more content, much of it in Japan, but more [...]