Digital Magazine Sales via iTunes Take a Nose Dive is reporting that digital magazine sales purchased on iTunes for reading on the iPad have taken a nose dive. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, Wired has gone from 100,000 copies sold in June (its debut) to an average of 31,000 copies a month, Vanity Fair went down to 8,700 copies in November from averaging [...]

Adobe Shows Off Why Flash Is Great for Google TV

I'm trying to figure out why I should be excited here. Adobe TV produced a video showcasing Flash running on Google TV and how the experience is just as good as it is on the PC. The only problem... the examples provided are standard websites which integrate Flash. Sorry, but the Google TV experience [...]

Condé Nast’s Digital Magazine Vision Caught in the Apple vs Adobe Cross-Fire

Today, I believe, Apple has crossed the line and made things personal for Adobe. We all heard the varied reasons why Flash was not good for the iPad, but today we're learning that Apple's new iPhone OS 4 Developer Agreement bans the use of Adobe's Flash-to-iPhone compiler, which essentially allows Flash developers to create an [...]