ABC to Follow FOX and Delay Web Access to Newly Aired TV Shows (Do You Care?)

ABC's CEO Bob Iger just told investors that the company will soon be rolling out their own authentication scheme that will delay recently aired TV shows by 8-days to the public, but not to partner cable subscribers. This is a move similar to what FOX implemented on August 15th, but Iger spells the reason out as [...]

Netflix Wants to Be Your Hulu

Last month Netflix raised prices on its subscriptions plans, citing that it will be using the money to expand its content offering. Well, it turns out that's exactly what they are doing. Netflix today is announcing a new deal with ABC/Disney, on the heals of an earlier report that Netflix was offering $70,000 - $100,000 [...]

ABC’s My Generation iPad App First to Use Nielsen’s Media-Sync Technology

There's been a ton players in the Social TV space as of late — each with their own apps and spin on how things should work. Now, ABC has jumped in with an iPad app for their My Generation TV show, powered by Nielsen's new Media-Sync technology, which "listens in" when you begin watching an [...]

Apps for iPad Now Available on iTunes

If you haven't heard already, you can now browse and purchase apps "for iPad." Yup, these are apps designed for the iPad — not scaled up iPhone apps that are compatible with the iPad (a previous gripe of mine). As you'll see after looking over the selection, the iPad apps are being sold at a [...]