Viewsonic’s Passive 3D Not Yet Ready

As film studios continue their push to release more and more 3D movies, it's likely that this time round 3D isn't a passing fad. The cinema-goer has been enjoying the newest 3D technologies, boasting reduced eye-strain and increased comfort, and these technologies are beginning to filter down to the home electronics market. The Viewsonic V3D231 [...]

LG Demonstrates a 3D Version of Their LH50 LCD HDTV

We reported earlier this week that LG's LH50 (LCD) and PS80 (Plasma) HDTV models were now capable of streaming Netflix movies without the need of a PC or set-top box. Today LG in Korea previewed their new 3D HDTV experience on the LH50. Unfortunately, it's unclear by the Babel Fish translation of the Korean press [...]