Manage Your Ripped DVD Collection with Multiplex on Mac OS X

Sure there are plenty of people out there who have a large collection of ripped DVD movies stored on their computers, but how many of those are leveraging a movie manager like Multiplex that lets them search their library, attaches movie metadata, provides high-resolution cover art, and wraps it in a mac-inspired management interface? I'd [...]

Get Hulu and Netflix on Mac’s Front Row via Understudy

For those looking for a way to tap into Netflix and Hulu content on their Mac via Front Row, Understudy might offer just what you're looking for. While Understudy is not as slick and full featured as the stand-alone Boxee app, Understudy offers the ability for Front Row users to tap into premium content via [...]

DVD-Library for Mac (Beta) Released

If you're a Mac owner and have been looking for a powerful backup and management solution for your DVD collection, you might be interested in DVD-Library for Mac (currently FREE in its Beta stage). The application essentially creates ISO digital backups of your DVDs movies, adds relevant meta data using the DVD box's UPC code [...]

The Easy Way to Watch High Quality Beyond TV Recordings on a Mac

SnapStream has posted a quick how-to guide for users in a mixed PC home environment. The guide details how to set Beyond TV's browser “play” links function to be compatible with the VLC player on the Mac (and probably on a Linux PC as well). Once that's done, users can seek inside a file, fast-forward, [...]

Macworld 2009: Apple DRM-Free iTunes Plus Library Expands

Big news today for music fans. Apple today announced that in April 2009 the iTunes Music Store will begin offering music for 69¢, 99¢, and $1.29 per individual track (most albums will still sell for $9.99). However, the bigger news in my opinion is that Apple is expanding their DRM-free iTunes Plus library (encoded at [...]

Sling Media Announces SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and Mac HD SlingPlayer Streaming

The day all you iPhone and Slingbox owners have been waiting for has just about arrived. Sling Media will be demonstrating a version of the SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone at Macworld this week, which the company says should be available in iTunes the first quarter of 2009. Also on display will be the new [...]

HP Unveils a Pair of New Juiced Up MediaSmart Servers with Added Mac Time Machine Support

If you live in a dual Mac and Windows PC environment, HP's new ex485 (750GB - $599) and ex487 (1.5TB - $749) MediaSmart Servers launching in February 2009 are going to be right up your alley. The new machines, which come packed with a 2Ghz 64-bit Celeron processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM, now offer [...]

Netflix Expands Its Streaming Video Service to Samung Blu-ray Players and Mac OS X

There's some interesting developments happening with Netflix of late. First, the company announced last week that they've partnered with Samsung to provide streaming video to Netflix subscribers directly through their BD player set-top (FYI, Samsung has also added Pandora music streaming support as well). And today Netflix is out saying that Mac OS X users [...]