HP Dropping MediaSmart Server Line Powered by Windows Home Server

Crazy! HP has decided to pull the plug on its Windows Home Server-powered MediaSmart Server line, reports We Got Served. The company, who has been the premier WHS hardware partners since 2007, will continue to support existing models, but will no longer create new products based on the platform. In fact, HP has already moved [...]

Kinect Hand Gesture Control for Windows 7 and Media Center Anyone?

Looks like the guys at Evoluce have ran with the newly available OpenKinect drivers (freely available for Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS X) and created a new multi-touch experience that we'll all soon get to enjoy. A demo of Evoluce's Kinect-enabled drivers in action are attached below running on a Windows 7 PC, manipulating [...]

Install JTunes to Serve Windows Home Server / iTunes Content to Apple TV

For Windows Home Sever users having an Apple TV affair, check out this WHS / JTunes guide at WGS for installing iTunes on a Windows Home Server so you can stream media to an Apple TV device without having a logged in user. It's sad, really, that it has to come to this. Ideally, Apple [...]

New AVA Media NVT Windows Media Center Add-in Transcodes WHS Stored DVD Rips to Popular Formats Automatically

The folks at Tranquil PC have just introduced a new, FREE Windows Media Center Add-in called AVA Media NVT which does something brilliant. You know how typical Home Servers are usually underpowered for doing any kind of DVD rip transcoding? Well, Tranquil PC figures that if your HTPC has the processing power to handle HD [...]

HABEY USA Demos Its New HD-capable ENT-6564 Nettop Running Windows Embedded Standard 7

Here's a new one. We know nettops are great as low-budget, HD-capable HTPCs running Windows XP/7 or Linux-based OSes. Now the HABEY USA guys are showing off that its MITX-6564 mini-ITX based nettop can also run Windows Embedded Standard 7 as the main OS for an even snappier, less resource intensive experience. A quick check [...]

Windows 7 Slates to Get Touch Control Enhancements Next Year

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed today that Windows 7 Slates (aka Tablets) will be hitting the market before Christmas this year and that the company will be working with OEM partners to enhance Windows 7's touch controls next year. It's unclear, however, if that means Windows 7's touch UI will be drastically improved or if [...]

Niveus Media Goes All-in on Project Snowbird, Drops Consumer Windows Media Center HTPC Product Line

This is a bit of a surprise. Niveus Media is confirming that they have stopped making their high-end HTPC systems for consumers based on Windows Media Center. Instead the company will now be 100% focused on their new "TV Everywhere" platform dubbed Project Snowbird, which enables Cable and Satellite operators to securely stream their content [...]

Should Microsoft Rename Windows Media Center: Windows TV?

Hmmm, our friends Ian Dixon at TDL and tech columnist Rob Enderle both think Microsoft should consider renaming Windows Media Center Windows TV. Interestingly, both gentlemen came to the same conclusion for different reasons. Rob believes Windows 7 Embedded with Windows Media Center should have been the product that Microsoft should have introduced originally instead of integrating [...]