Netflix HD Movie Streaming Arrives for Mac and Windows PCs

Got a Mac, Windows or Windows Media Center PC? You can now stream limited titles in HD at up to 3800Kbps (requires Silverlight 3). The official Netflix Blog states that you can browse available titles at However, Geek Tonic says: "Note that is not true HD we’re talking about here. But widescreen and better quality [...]

Shuttle’s Intel Core i7, GeForce GTX 480-Ready SX58J3 SFF Desktop Is One Mean Machine

Get ready. This Summer Shuttle will unveil the most capable small form factor (SFF) barbones desktop PC to hit the market. The Shuttle SX58J3 is designed for hardcore gamers [PDF], but can easily double as a high-performance HTPC / Graphics / Video Editing workstation. Reason being, it supports Intel's latest Core i7-980X Extreme Edition “Gulftown” [...]

Will the iPad Win Over Non-Mac Users?

According to a quick survey of 448 iPad buyers this past Saturday (aka launch day), Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster found that 74% of buyers were Mac users, 66% of them also owned iPhones, and 78% of them said they considered buying "nothing else" in terms of a similar or comparable gadget. As for the iPad [...]

Kylo TV Web Browser Announced for Windows and Mac HTPCs

Nice to see someone addressing the biggest issue for net-connected TV devices: a useable web browser. Today Hillcrest Labs is announcing the Kylo couch-surf-ready web browser for Windows and Mac HTPCs based on Mozilla. The Kylo browser has been specifically designed for TV use and is aimed at providing users a full web experience with [...]

Logitech Touch Mouse (PC/Mac Remote) iPhone App Released

Good news for Apple iPhone and iPod touch users. Logitech has added a new app to the iTunes App Store called Touch Mouse. The FREE app turns your handheld into a wireless remote for your Windows or Mac computer (requires installation of the Touch Mouse Server software). Touch Mouse's feature highlights include: multi-touch trackpad, keyboard [...]

Orb Lands on Mac OS X

Orb Networks is announcing the availability of a new Orb client for Mac OS X (10.5 or later) that will allow users to stream their computer's stored music, photos, videos (even webcam video) to just about any network or Internet connected mobile, game console, or PC. What's more, Orb plans on adding support for live [...]

Apple Refreshes the iMac, Mac mini, and Apple Remote

So here's what you need to know. The iMac now has two HDCP-compliant 16:9 display format models to choose from (1920x1080 21.5-inch and 2560x1440 27-inch) with the option to upgrade their graphics to the ATI Radeon HD 4670 / 4850 from the default NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. Moreover, Apple has equipped their iMacs with Intel's latest Core i5 [...]

Zune Marketplace for Mac OS X?

Mary Jo Foley has an interesting post up at ZDNet which hints that Microsoft may soon be targeting its Zune Pass music subscription service to the iPod and iPhone via Windows. Microsoft's Jose Pinero, Director of Communications for Microsoft’s TV, Video and Music Business, told Foley that "We are evaluating a lot of options in [...]