Hulu Desktop for Linux Released

[youtube=] It was nearly five months ago when Hulu first announced the release of Hulu Desktop for Windows and Mac. Now the Hulu Labs team has added a Linux version to the mix with 32 and b4-bit packages available for Fedora and Ubuntu. Attached here is a demo of Hulu Desktop running on Ubuntu that I [...]

Cooliris Releases Its First Add-on for Firefox on Linux (Plus, Quick Impressions)

Cooliris is announcing the release of its first Firefox Add-on compatible with the Linux platform. The new add-on has been tested and confirmed to work with Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 10, and OpenSUSE 11. Requirements: Firefox 3, Flash 10 plugin, and the latest proprietary driver for your NVIDIA or ATI graphic card (Intel integrated graphics work [...]

Linux Gets HDMI Sound Pass Through Support via ALSA and Kernel 2.6.27-x

Terrific news for our Linux HTPC enthusiasts. ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) version 1.0.19 has added 1000 new features including support for HDMI audio pass through via kernel 2.67.27-x. Previously getting audio through HDMI had been a bit of a chore. Now, hopefully, we'll see a new surge in custom Linux HTPC builds and [...]

A Windows, Linux and OSx86 Capable Desktop Computer?

RSOL PC today announced the upcoming release of their latest desktop computer series which is capable of running multiple operating system platforms either simultaneously or independently on traditional PC hardware and with minimal software patching. The Smooth Series Multi-Platform Desktop from RSOL PC has been tested to be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, Fedora [...]

Dell Adds MP3/WMA/WMV/DVD/HDMI Support and More to Latest Ubuntu Linux PC Offerings

Kudos to Dell for adding support for these popular codecs and technologies out of the box. Multimedia support has been a long time bug-a-boo (mostly on the legal end) since Dell decided to launch their Ubuntu Linux PC lineup last year. However, that's now changed. Dell is now bundling support for popular multimedia codecs [...]

Cirgon Will Ship a Fedora Linux HTPC – Encore Media Server

Coming in August 2008, digital media company Cirgon will begin selling a Fedora Linux-based HTPC dubbed Encore Media Server. The Encore will be an exciting addition to any HD-based home theater setup, providing playback and management of music, photos, and 1080i HD video. It's no surprise that the design of the Encore is focused primarily on [...]

HP Media Vault Reviewed by the Linux Action Show

The Linux Action Show, one of my favorite Linux podcasts who've recently started leveraging Ustream.TV to record their shows live on video, got their hands on the HP Media Vault (jump to: 00:44:40) and HP Mini-Note (jump to: 00:24:00) for review. In typical LAS style, Bryan and Chris dissected the hardware, rated the devices' capabilities, [...]

NETGEAR Launches Open Source Wireless-G Router Enabling Linux Developers and Enthusiasts to Create Firmware for Specialized Applications

NETGEAR®, Inc., a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking solutions, today announced the launch of the Open Source Wireless-G Router (WGR614L), a full-featured wireless router designed to serve as a reliable, high-performance platform to support a wide variety of applications created by the open source community. The high-performance WGR614L, which is “Works with Windows Vista” [...]